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Magical Fan Theories From The Disney Revival That Are Wild Enough To Be True

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Basically all of our childhoods are firmly rooted in the Disney classics. But during Disney's "Revival" period, we really got to see some amazing stories. One of fandoms' favorite things to do is come up with fan theories. From unanswered questions to character quirks, we managed to round up some of the most interesting fan theories surrounding some of our favorite new-aged Disney films.

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    Grandma Tala And Chief Tui Were Also Chosen To Restore The Heart Of Te Fiti

    From Redditor u/IStopTickleMonsters:

    I've been mulling over this since I first watched the film but I think I may have confirmed it. Of course, Grandma Tala has the necklace holding the heart and I think it is because the ocean chose her first but her age was already fairly advanced so she could not do it herself. Therefore, (much like she did with Moana) she started planting the seeds in Tui's head. He and his best friend stole a boat to return the heart but were stopped. As I watch this scene again, Tui is wearing a necklace that looks VERY familiar. I believe it is the necklace with the heart because it is very obviously not his Chief necklace.. It can only be seen at certain times during the scene, though. The heart was knocked out of the necklace that day until it was first given to Moana as an infant.

    Also, the heart was keeping Gramma Tala alive which is why she passed after giving it to Moana. That would explain why Tui didn't drown and Moana wasn't slain by any of the sh*t that tried to off her.

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    Big Daddy LaBouff Bought The Old Sugar Mill For Tiana

    Photo: Princess and the Frog / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/TopRamen713:

    Here's the mystery- after years of being empty and un-bought, suddenly it gets bought the same day that Tiana has save enough money for a down payment? Something's not quite adding up here.

    My scenario- 'Big Daddy' has been watching Tiana and his daughter grow up for years. He seems to treat her as a second daughter, at least not forbidding Charlotte from playing/associating with her.

    He loves Charlotte and indulges her every whim, because the limit of her ambition is to simply marry well. He knows though, that Tiana wants to run a high-class restaurant, but for a Black woman to succeed in the 1920s south, she has to be tough, smart, and hard-working, so he can't just give Tiana everything she wants, much as he'd like to. Once she tells Charlotte that she has enough for the down payment for the restaurant, she's proven that to him she has the mental toughness to run a successful restaurant. He goes ahead and buys it outright to give to her at the party, but before he can do so, she disappears.

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    Maui Earned All Of His Tattoos

    From Redditor u/throwahwheyyy:

    tldr; Maui says he earns all of his tattoos but has a tattoo of himself with unexplained origins that acts as Maui’s cheerleader. He earned it when, while in a long isolation, he learned to love himself despite a lifetime of rejection.

    We know that Maui “earns” his tattoos (he tells us this outright). Most of them are depictions of his great accomplishments, like slowing down the sun and pulling up islands. All of his tattoos are animated and move around his body, which presumably means none of them were given to him by traditional methods - which presumably means he earned ALL of them. So how did he earn Mini Maui, the small tattoo version of himself that is constantly gloating and cheering Maui on while pushing him to help Moana?

    Maui, a demi-god who was rejected by his human parents, spent much of his time before the events of Moana trying to please humans and make them love him. He lassoed the sun to stretch their days and bring them fun, harnessed the breeze to fill their sails and shake their trees, buried eel guts that sprouted a tree to give them coconuts, etc. All of these events became part of the tapestry on his skin, but I do not think he had his Mini Maui tattoo at this point. Eventually, Maui went too far in trying to please the humans and got himself banished to an island for eternity. He had been there for quite a while by the time Moana found him, as shown by the tally marks carved into every surface of the island upon her arrival.

    Sometime between his banishment and Moana finding him, I think he had a spiritual moment/mental breakdown where he realized that none of the love and worship the humans had given him could replace the love he never got from his parents. Maui says, when recounting his seeking love from the humans that “it was never enough”. Eventually, Maui learned to replace the non-existent love from his human parents and “never-enough” love from the islander humans with love from the only human around - himself. Thus, Maui received a tattoo of himself that loves itself and is constantly flexing and showing all of the great things Maui has done. Like he says, Maui earns his tattoos, but him having the tattoo of being thrown overboard as a baby by his parents tells us that he can “earn” a tattoo without doing something classically heroic or legendary. In this case, he earned the tattoo of himself by learning to love himself.

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    'Frozen' And 'Tangled' Take Place In The Same World

    From Redditor u/themanfromsaturn:

    TLDR: 'Frozen' and 'Tangled' take place in the same world, and at approximately the same time.

    While watching 'Frozen', I noticed a striking resemblance between Prince Hans and the Stabbington brothers from 'Tangled'. These characters are tall and strong looking, with red hair, oval faces, and muttonchop sideburns. At first I wrote this off to the art studio being the same, but as the film progressed, I noticed a few pieces of circumstantial evidence that leads me to believe these two films are connected.

    Firstly, Hans mentions that he has eleven brothers. Because he is late in line for the throne, he resorts to deception, and later attempted murder to secure the crown. This criminal predilection likens him to the Stabbington brothers, who in turn are portrayed in the opening scenes attempting to swipe the crown jewels.

    Hans is from the 'Southern Islands'. Tangled is set in another kingdom, which is on an island. The climate there seems warm and southerly compared to the setting of Frozen. The uniforms worn by the courtiers and diplomats from the southern islands resemble the austrian-style uniforms of the nobility from Tangled.

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