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Magical Fan Theories From The Disney Revival That Are Wild Enough To Be True

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Basically all of our childhoods are firmly rooted in the Disney classics. But during Disney's "Revival" period, we really got to see some amazing stories. One of fandoms' favorite things to do is come up with fan theories. From unanswered questions to character quirks, we managed to round up some of the most interesting fan theories surrounding some of our favorite new-aged Disney films.

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    Zootopia Has No Cats And Dogs Because They Stood By Humanity During The Uprising

    From a Redditor:

    There are no cats or dogs in Zootopia because they stood by humanity during the Uprising.

    So in this movie's backstory, mammals overthrew humanity in the Great Purge, a bloody revolution in response to the sixth great extinction. This isn't explicitly shown, but if you've seen the movie, you know what I mean, the signs are obvious. However, it's not just humanity that's...absent. There aren't any cats, dogs, or other very domesticated animals in the world either. I think it's because they refused to betray us and were wiped out fighting by our side.

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    Dr. Facilier And Mama Odie Are Siblings

    Photo: Princess and the Frog / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/grasshopper_jo:

    Dr. Facilier is the villain in "Princess and the Frog", and Mama Odie is a wise, mysterious voodooiene. She is described as a "Voodoo Queen" by Louis the Alligator. During Facilier's song, he says "I'm a royal myself, on my mother's side." He then holds up a shrunken head, implying it to be his mother's - a queen. hmm.

    Mama Odie is likely at least partly based on Marie Laveau, long considered the "Voodoo Queen" of New Orleans. In truth, there were at least TWO Marie Laveaus - the mother passed the name (and the business that came with it) to her daughter, who dressed and acted like her mother to maintain consistency. Unaware of the switch, customers spread the word about Marie Laveau's seemingly impossible lifespan, which only made her more mythical and popular. This same trait exists in Mama Odie, who claims to be "197 years old". If she uses the same technique as Marie Laveau, that means this might be the third or fourth generation daughter to inherit the title.

    I predict that Facilier and Mama Odie learned Voodoo from their well-respected Voodoo priestess mother, the earlier Mama Odie - but because the daughter was female, only SHE inherited the mantle, business, respect, and family home on the bayou. Unwanted son Facilier was left running cons on the streets and scrounging for money. Who wouldn't become bitter? He aligned himself with dark forces, and the rest is history. This also explains why Mama Odie helped the group - she may have felt ashamed or disgusted by the actions of her brother, and more willing to make amends.

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    Flash Is A Fast Driver Because He's A Sloth

    From Redditor u/MrSchroedingerCat:

    Don't know if anyone already thought about this, but the reason why in the ending scene of Zootopia Flash drives so fast (apart from the obvious joke) is because, being a sloth, he can't take off the foot from the accelerator fast enough and press the brake. Also, since he learned to drive like that he eventually embraced speed itself...and will OBVIOUSLY be a pivotal point of the next upcoming Fast and Furious crossover: "Too sloth to be furious: fast as a Flash"

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    Elsa Conjures The Sword For Hans

    From Redditor u/bhamv:

    TLDR: Elsa conjures the sword at the end of the movie, because she wants Hans to slay her.

    At the end of Frozen, Hans approaches Elsa and tells her that Anna is dead. Elsa collapses in grief, and then Anna nearby hears the sound of Hans drawing his sword. She sees Hans about to strike Elsa with the sword, and rushes in to block the blow. She turns to ice, and the sword shatters when it strikes her frozen hand.

    There's a problem though: when Hans is talking to Elsa, he clearly has no sword, neither in his hand nor carried on his body. So did Disney make a massive goof when they had him draw a sword to terminate Elsa? I say no. Each frame of an animated film can take hours or even days to render. For the lengthy time they spent creating that scene, someone would've noticed Hans isn't carrying a sword. Therefore, Hans being unarmed to start was likely deliberate.

    Where did the sword come from then? The obvious answer is that Elsa conjured it with her magic. The sound Anna heard wasn't of Hans drawing his sword, it was the sound of Elsa summoning the sword to Hans' hand. At this point in the movie, Elsa has every reason to seek demise. She's had enough of a lifetime of fear, isolation, and persecution. Her entire family's dead. And, at this point, she has no idea how to stop the winter; for all she knows, her demise is truly the only option for Arendelle. She also knows Hans is here to slay her, because she says, "Please, just take care of my sister." She knows she won't be around any more. She gives Hans the means to end her life.

    This also might explain why the sword shattered against Anna's frozen form. There have been lots of theories about how steel is brittle in extreme cold conditions, and how Anna's ice is magical, and these are plausible explanations. Another one, however, is that the sword is actually made of ice.

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