16 Fan Theories About The Disney Sidekicks That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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With the Disney sidekicks, you either love them, or love to hate them. They're mainly used for comic relief, but oftentimes have very important roles to play in the story, and can contribute a few tears as well as laughter. 

Unlike other Disney characters, sidekicks rarely have much of a backstory - thus laying the way for all sorts of fan theories to fill in the blanks. Below are a few such theories that fans have thought of, vote up your favorites!

  • Zazu Knew That Scar Killed Mufasa
    Photo: The Lion King / Buena Vista Pictures

    From Redditor u/HorraceTheBadger:

    Zazu is the only character with enough pieces to work out what actually happened to Mufasa - and he did. 

    • He's present when Mufasa confronts Scar and witnesses Scar's threat. He also knows that Scar is unhappy with the succession - motive
    • Zazu is with the two cubs when they're attacked by the same three hyenas who become Scar's top "henchmen" - weapon.
    • He's with Mufasa when Scar warns them about the stampede and Simba. It brings up questions like, "What was Scar doing with Simba near the gorge? Why not rescue him himself? - time, location, and method

    It is debatable whether or not Zazu remembers that Scar knocked him out, [but either way] it's suspicious considering the last thing he'd remember saying before being knocked unconcious is, "I'll go back for help!"

    Considering the stampede - other than lions, the only predator in the pride lands that would go for a herd of wildebeest as big as that one would be hyenas. Zazu can rule the lionesses out, so that leaves the hyenas, who he has reasonable proof to assume they work for Scar. 

    The biggest thing that [proves this theory] is that Scar seems to know that Zazu knows, and therefore locks him up. Scar wants to keep Zazu close, and it's obviously not because they're good friends. One could argue that Zazu is imprisoned because he could go look for help, but where would he even go since he thinks Simba is dead?

  • Mushu Couldn't Wake The Great Stone Dragon Because It's Not The Real Deal... But Mushu IS
    Photo: Mulan / Buena Vista Pictures

    From Redditor u/Folseit:

    Mushu seems to be the actual guardian dragon assigned to the family: five-clawed dragons are imperial, four-clawed are for nobles, and three-clawed are assigned to commoners. Mushu has three claws. 

    The ancestors aren't even pointing at the right statue. The statue that the ancestors directed Mushu at was Suanni, a dragon-lion hybrid.

    Mushu was probably demoted within the pantheon of dragons, hence the small size and low amounts of power, but still ranks above the ancestors in the overall hierarchy (dragons are divine creatures after all). The ancestors incorrectly believed he was demoted to a rank below them. 

  • Rafiki Caused The Drought In The Pride Lands
    Photo: The Lion King / Buena Vista Pictures

    From Redditor u/das_slash:

    While opinions on Scar varies from tyrant usurper to the hero of the disenfranchised, it's hard to argue that he was a good ruler. After all, the pride lands fell to drought and famine after he allowed the hyenas to hunt the herds away.

    Or was he? After all, there's being a bad ruler, then there's being a ruler who causes the rivers to run dry and the rain refusing to fall - but that seems a bit much for a mortal ruler doesn't it? But it does fall under the umbrella of a witch doctor.

    During the movie we see [Rafiki] do obviously supernatural things, so let's look at the pride lands - it's an oasis of life surrounded by desert. After Mufasa dies, Rafiki hangs up his staff and stops taking part in the realm's politics, but when Simba comes back he takes up his staff again and suddenly lightning strikes pride rock and the clouds return. 

    I think Rafiki was always the real power behind the throne.

  • From Redditor u/Racecarlock:

    Quasimodo has been locked in that tower for YEARS. That level of isolation would break anyone, so in desperation, one day Quasimodo's psyche simply locked onto three stone gargoyles and made them three wacky, humerous friends that could keep Quasimodo sane. 

    I mean think about it, do they help out in action scenes [around other people]? What about whenever Quasimodo is just interacting with the other characters? They're in the parade a bit at the end, but they're far away in the tower, where no one but Quasimodo would even notice them. It also makes sense that the gargoyles are so lighthearted and comedic in an otherwise bleak movie. What else would a child create to help keep him from being lonely? 

  • Lumiere And Cogsworth Didn't Follow Belle Into The West Wing Because It's A Graveyard
    Photo: Beauty and the Beast / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    From Redditor u/ErisGrey:

    Once Cogsworth and Lumiere realized that Belle went off to the West Wing, they clearly didn't follow her. Earlier we had seen that Lumiere had no problem making his boss angry (inviting Maurice to sit in his chair), but he and Cogsworth still absolutely refused to go into the West Wing.

    We see that the West Wing has broken furniture, clocks, and dishes - things we know live downstairs as enchanted beings. 

    My theory is that once Beast transformed, his servants (also turned into furniture) came running to his yells. The Beast, not fully aware of the situation, lashed out with his temper and slaughtered all the furniture running toward him. 

    The West Wing is a graveyard, filled with corpses from this angry outburst. It's why Lumiere, Cogsworth, and none of the staff went up there until they had no choice. 

  • Flotsam And Jetsam Moved Eric's Statue Into Ariel's Grotto 
    Photo: The Little Mermaid / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    From Redditor u/AudibleNod:

    When Flounder and Ariel leave the musical number, "Under the Sea," they go to her cavern and see that Eric's statue is there. The question is, how did it get there? Flounder said he found it, [and that may be likely] but there's no way he moved it there.

    At this point, Ursula has designs on Ariel as a way to get back into power. When the statue falls into the sea, she sees an opportunity. She orders Flotsam and Jetsam to move the statue into Ariel's cavern, [thus getting the wheel rolling on her plan].