Total Nerd Disturbing Disney Theories That Are So Convincing People Actually Believe Them  

Kellie Kreiss

After watching enough Disney films, it's only natural to start drawing some pretty logical parallels between them - not to mention taking notice of their potentially interwoven plot lines and the flurry of unexpected guest stars suddenly showing up in the background of films they just don't make sense being in.

Many of these theories take fans through a complicated animated time warp in which they narrowly discover the truth about Ariel's ancestry, the murderous subplots hidden within The Emperor's New Groove, and the other deep family ties that might just prove that blondes have more fun (or at least have more magical powers).

Some of these are surprisingly elaborate. Others are shockingly dark. Plenty of adults are happy to dismiss animated films, particular Disney cartoons, as mere fluff for kids with no taste. The minds behind these theories, however, have gone the opposite direction.

Was poor little Nemo actually dead the entire film? Are Elsa, Anna, and Tarzan actually long-lost siblings?