Internet 11 Things You Should Never Ever Google Search: Disney Edition  

Brian Gilmore
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Nothing brings out horrible things quite like diving deep into what you shouldn't Google as it pertains to anything Disney-related. The good news is that any amount of research into Walt Disney being either an anti-semite or a sexist pig will show you that he was actually neither of those things. There's one case of a woman being denied employment at Disney for being a woman, but a few years later, Disney actually became a pioneer for gender equality in the workplace (given that it was wartime and the possibility of women having to take over animation duties was very real, due to men getting drafted).

However, the same doesn't quite go for all of the Disney properties. A number of depraved, disgusting, weird, fringe, and ultimately tragic fan creations, cultures, and stories have come from canonical Disney movies. Possibly the purest, most family-friendly films in entertainment history have led people to indulge in some of the craziest things you will ever see on the Internet. 

From furries to dating sites to extremely specific fetishes, the list of Disney things you shouldn't Google (along with all the creepy Disneyland stories that come with them) could go on forever. But this selection of the darkest Disney fandoms is a clear, concise, and carefully-curated summary of the horrors you can face on Google if you just dare to look. Check out the list below and vote up the Disney things you should never type into that search bar.  

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Zootopia Furlife

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Furries really do ruin everything. Rule 34 of the Internet states, "If it exists, there is porn of it," and never has that been more true than when Zootopia was released. Disney has already been blamed for inspiring an entire generation of furries by making their eponymous Robin Hood character an attractive, charming, charismatic fox. The popularized "fox" mask that a large part of furrydom wear borrows facial features and eyes from the cool, pants-less Robin Hood from the 1973 animated film. 

Ever since that film came out, not only does it seem like Disney has been catering to furries, but NSFW pictures of Zootopia characters performing unspeakable acts have flooded the Internet. 

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White Snow McCarthy

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An annoyingly artsy rendition of Snow White hit New York's Art Frieze as they welcomed one Mr. Paul McCarthy and his X-Rated performance art version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Titled simply "WS" (for "White Snow", which is both Snow White backwards, and an iron clad defense in court), the rendition of a childhood classic involves a dwarf making love to a roasted chicken, the prince pleasuring himself in the woods, and Snow White covering herself in Pillsbury frosting.

This might sound like something fun to play a drinking game to with your friends, but it is extremely obnoxious. The curator sounds insufferable. He said "This is a really, really painful work... People are going to say, 'Oh, there's a lot of sex.' But it's almost a denial of sex... It's about repression and how that manifests itself." Cut to a woman, fully nude, covered in sprinkles. 

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Dirty Disney Confessions

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If the Disney Memorial Orgy wasn't enough, then Dirty Disney Confessions should just about do it (no pun). It should be no surprise that Disney has inspired multiple generations of furries to love animated creatures in the way that only they know how: by meeting discreetly in the biggest hotel orgy during an Anime-Expo/Comic-Con/D23 and spending the night sweating in overpriced walkabout costumes. 

When they're not busy doing that, they're busy creating online hubs like Dirty Disney Confessions. Be warned: if you click on this, you can't unsee it. DDC is a tumblr that features various "confessions" written as short-form erotica next to screencaps of Disney characters they want to get down and "dirty" with. The tumblr goes on to feature a smattering of characters being ravaged in the bedroom, and sometimes, it's them that's doing the ravaging. You'll never see Disney characters in the same way again. 

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The Disneyland Memorial Orgy

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Okay, so this one ought to ruin your childhood: it's called the Disneyland Memorial Orgy (that is a link to the illustration which you probably shouldn't open at work). The illustration originated in a groundbreaking, subversive, and well-liked political/social satire magazine called The Realist, which was edited and published by Paul Krassner. It started in 1958 and discontinued publication in 2001. 

Krassner described how Disney reacted to seeing this poster: "The Disney corporation considered a lawsuit, but realized that The Realist was published on a proverbial shoestring, and besides, why bother causing themselves further public embarrassment?"

This was such a subversive act on the part of The Realist that individual acts of censorship snuck through the cracks as some Baltimore newspapers distributed the issue of the magazine with the DMO removed. Krassner secured some missing pages and offered to send them to any reader who'd ended up buying only a partial magazine. The San Francisco Bay Area did its part when an anonymous group printed sections of the DMO and distributed it in churches and around town. 

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