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Which Animated Disney Villains Deserve Live-Action Origin Movies?

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List RulesOnly animated Disney or Pixar villains who do not yet have their own released or upcoming standalone, live-action film.

While Disney princesses are beloved everywhere, it's the villains who intrigue people the most. Disney fans were thrilled when Maleficent graced the world with her prescence (and razor-sharp cheekbones) in her live-action movie franchise. And box-office trends prove it. But what about the rest of the villains we love to hate? Whether it's the childhood backstory behind Scar's rivalry with Mufasa or the origins of how Ursula became the baddest witch in the sea, the possibilities are endless. Fortunately, you can revisit all your favorite villains (and heroes) on Disney+, which is constantly being updated with both new series and all your favorite animated classics.

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