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Which Disney Villain Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

We all love to align themselves with the protagonists in Disney films, but let’s be real: sometimes, we're absolutely the villain, and the zodiac may tell us a lot about our specific brand of evil.

Every zodiac sign has its bad side, whether it’s a fragile ego or a knack for backstabbing. This is why we can easily look at our astrological signs as Disney villains, Marvel's antagonists or slasher film serial killers. Could there really be any part of us that would poison a beauty queen with an apple? Apparently, yes.

Disney villains and their corresponding zodiac signs give insight into the darkest parts of ourselves. From Captain Hook's fear of crocodiles to the Evil Queen's crippling insecurity, Disney has made being bad a little bit more human. Even Maleficent, the arguable embodiment of evil, has her reasons for her draconic behavior.

  • Hades is a natural born leader who hates his job. He finds running the underworld to be super depressing (can you really blame him?). That's why he hatches a far-fetched plan to overthrow Zeus and rule Mount Olympus. Of course, this doesn't quite work out because Hades has trouble with the follow through. Hades is a total Aries.

    Aries knows the drill. They can be incredibly frustrating in their need to be number one, but they probably need some coddling to get there. Like Hades, setbacks throw them into an intense rage and spark some massive anxiety. Luckily, Aries has a sense of humor to help brush it off.

  • All Tauruses have this secret lazy side – they enjoy sitting down and relaxing after a long day of go-getting. In some cases, this means working towards a lasting career; in other cases, this means hypnotizing the sultan and marrying their way into the royal family. 

    Aladdin's mustached villain Jafar relates to the worst and best parts of every Taurus. They certainly enjoy the finer things in life, like tombs filled with secret treasure and mountains and mountains of gold. They just don't really want to take the difficult road to get there. That doesn't mean Tauruses are always lazy. In fact, they're notoriously driven to the point where it actually becomes stubbornness. In Jafar's case, his passion for power and riches leads him on an unending quest to get his hands on the Genie's magic lamp. 

  • Every Gemini has two sides. Sometimes they're at odds and other times they shield friends and family from the actual truth. For this reason, Hans from Frozen is the perfect Gemini. Throughout the film, he appears to be a nice, if impulsive, guy.

    As it turns out, Hans isn't the prince Anna knows and has lukewarm feelings about. He has a secret evil side, and wants to manipulate Anna into marriage so he can seize her kingdom. A Gemini's charisma pulls people in, but there's definitely a side of them that not everyone sees.

  • Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Cancers are notorious homebodies and caregivers, but on the worst days, their sensitivity turns into self-doubt. This is why some Cancers relate to the Evil Queen from Snow White.

    The Evil Queen is one of Disney's most notorious villains, but her sinister nature comes from a place of deep insecurity. She tries to kill Snow White with a poison apple solely because she's prettier. Of course, the Evil Queen is conventionally attractive before she dons that hag getup in a harebrained murder plot. The whole thing is more or less in her head – she bottled up her emotions until they became overwhelming and completely twisted.