A Ranking of Disney Villains, Based on How Stupid Their Plans Are

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The nefarious plots of Disney villains stand as the unquestioned model of evil for young viewers. As a child, challenging the validity of the bad guy's plans is far beyond the scope of engaged viewing. A sea witch who wants to rule the ocean or a fashion-obsessed woman who craves a dog-skin jacket presents an imminent threat to the safety of Disney's leading protagonists. That alone is enough to classify Disney villains as crazed monsters capable of upsetting the delicate balance of good and evil. 

However, if the evil plans of some of Disney's greatest animated villains are examined closely, the total absurdity of their schemes shine through. Not only are their plans riddled with plot holes, but some of their strategies are just plain stupid. While they may have opportunities to tip the scales in favor of evil, most schemes are hardly the work of criminal masterminds.  

From sinister queens to power-hungry lions, plenty of Disney villains leave a lot to be desired in their plots. Taking over the world might be on their agenda, but creating well thought-out plans certainly isn't.