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The Most Helpful Disneyland Tips & Tricks

A trip to Disneyland can be a memorable and exciting one by following some simple tips. However, without proper planning, your trip can turn stressful in no time. And no one wants that when visiting one of the most fun-filled places on earth. To insure you get the most out of your trip to Disneyland, here are some tips that will save you time and an unnecessary headache.

What are the best tips for Disneyland travel? Have you ever wanted to beat the lines, but couldn't? Hopefully this list will provide some much needed answers for you to ensure a good time while semi-beating the system.
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    Purchase Tickets Online

    If you have the money available ahead of time, consider purchasing your tickets to Disneyland online. There are sites that list the current Disneyland promotions, so you'll get your tickets for cheaper.

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    Visiting Time

    If you're wondering when to plan your vacation to Disneyland, the best times to book your trip are in early September since this is when Disneyland is least busy

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    If Fantasmic is scheduled to have two shows, choose the second one over the first. It's less busy. You'll have an easier time finding seating. Also, make sure to get there early to be sure.


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    Disney Dining

    If you plan on dining at one of Disneyland's restaurants, plan ahead and call the Disney Help Line at 714-781-3463, option 4. Most of the time when you call you can priority seating arrangements.

    If you're looking for healthier eating options, try the outdoor market just outside of the Jungle Cruise which sells healthy snacks, including fruit.

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