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12 Reasons Why Disney's 'Hercules' Is Just A Superman Movie In Disguise

Updated 2 Oct 2019 3.5k views12 items

The parallels between Hercules and Superman are obvious. Both are super-powered idols from the heavens who perform incredible feats of strength. While most comparisons between the Man of Steel and the Roman hero end there (technically 'Heracles' is the Greek equivalent of Hercules), Disney's 1997 version of the demigod's story borrows as much from superhero comics as it does from mythology. Once you start to think about it, the similarities between Disney's Hercules and Superman become weirdly pervasive.

Not only do the origin and character arcs of Hercules and Superman line up, but key figures and themes in their mythologies also mirror each other. While the animated film doesn't touch on the darker Superman stories from the comics, it proves making a fun, entertaining Superman movie is possible. Given recent criticisms over how the DCEU portrays the Man of Steel, there's evidence that Disney's Hercules is the best Superman movie ever made. 

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