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15 Times Anime Characters Received Disproportionate Retribution  

Anna Lindwasser
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Some anime characters get what's coming to them. Others recieve wildly disproportionate punishments that range from ridiculous to straight-up cruel. 

One character responsible for disproportionate retribution in anime is Beerus, Dragon Ball Super's God of Destruction, who blew up half a planet because he wasn't into their cuisine. There's also Akito Sohma from Fruits Basket, who responds to family members wanting to get married with assault. Some characters, like Suboshi from Fushigi Yugi, are responding to real harm they have suffered, but they pay it back so dramatically that it's hard not to be horrified.

Which of these incidents is the most alarming?

Alois Trancy Stabs A Maid In The Eye In 'Black Butler II'
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Alois Trancy is known for being spoiled and capricious, and he proves it in the first episode he appears in by stabbing a maid in the eye with two of his fingers. Why did he do such a thing? Because she looked directly at him, which was insulting to him as her master.

The rest of the servants have to clean up the blood, all while internally freaking out about having to work for this kid. 

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Literally Everything Akito Sohma Does In 'Fruits Basket'
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If you're expecting a reasonable response to literally anything, don't go to Akito Sohma. Akito is not only the head of the Sohma family, they're also the god of those cursed by the Zodiac animals. For this reason, every family decision has to be approved by them. If anything happens that even remotely implies that the members of the Zodiac are moving away from Akito emotionally, they become violent.

One disturbing example of this is when Akito's doctor, Hatori, requested permission to marry his girlfriend Kana. Akito reacted by shoving Hatori into a glass pane, blinding him in one eye. Perhaps even more extreme, when 12-year-old Hiro tells Akito that he's in love with a girl named Kisa, Akito beats Kisa within an inch of her life. Things only get worse in the manga - but generally speaking, Akito is one big disproportionate reaction.

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Nagisa Shiota's Mother Tries To Force Him To Set His School On Fire In 'Assassination Classroom'
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Nagisa Shiota's mother has some pretty weird expectations for her son to begin with. Unhappy with her own restrictive childhood, she wanted to redo her girlhood through a daughter. When she had a son instead, she forced Nagisa to crossdress and keep his hair long. What's more, she refuses to allow Nagisa to form or express his own opinions about pretty much everything. 

When Koro-sensei, Nagisa's teacher, rightly chastises her behavior, she reacts by drugging Nagisa, then bringing him to his school to try and force him to burn down the building where class 3-E is held. Nagisa doesn't comply, and ultimately ends up showing his mother that she needs to give him some freedom when he rescues her from a group of assassins. 

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Mikami Teru Takes People Out For Jaywalking In 'Death Note'
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Whether or not people who are guilty of horrific crimes like murder and sexual assault deserve to be taken out via the Death Note is up for debate, but those aren't the only kinds of crimes that Mikami doles out punishment for. Minor crimes like parking violations, jaywalking, and littering are reason enough for Mikami to write down a name.

Light Yagami doesn't personally eliminate people who commit minor crimes like this, but he doesn't stop Mikami from doing so, either. 

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