Graveyard Shift Woman Distracted By Phone Wanders Into A Parking Garage And Gets Mowed Down  

Mick Jacobs

This video serves as a friendly reminder to take some time every now and again to look up from your Twitter and Instagram feeds to observe and enjoy the world around you, lest you end up like this woman who distractedly walked into a parking garage elevator.

This pedestrian in China, engrossed in her phone, walks blindly into a parking garage elevator without ever looking up from her device. Only after the garage door closes does the woman realize she isn't where she thinks she is.

If you found yourself in this tricky situation, how would you react? Well, if you had your phone on you like this woman, you'd probably call emergency services, or at least put out a PSA on your Snapchat or Insta stories.

Thankfully, the woman of the hour was eventually saved from her parking prison, thereby giving a happy ending to what might have been a terrible tragedy. As you watch the video, you can't help but imagine what might have happened if that door opened to an open elevator shaft.