The Most Messed Up Things That Happen In 'The Addams Family' Movies

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They're creepy, they're kooky, they're altogether ooky, and they’re also the stars of the strangest '90s films. Everyone who grew up watching the Addams Family movies has a soft spot for these macabre characters. But as fun and chaotic as their films are, they're far darker than you remember.

Each one is essentially about how the Addams are more loving and sweet than so-called "normal" society, but they're also peppered with spooky scenes that don't belong in a family flick. The most twisted moments from the Addams Family movies feature characters intentionally harming one another and loving every second of it. 

Each film is full of sight gags, double entendres, and racy material that went over your head as a kid. But the Addams Family movies' most messed up moments prove this dubious clan isn't as family-friendly as they pretend.

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    A Woman Almost Drowns At A Country Club

    While most of the things that happen in Addams Family films are heightened, the scene where a woman almost drowns in Addams Family Reunion is genuinely upsetting to watch. After arriving at the wrong reunion, Wednesday and Pugsley play an intense game of croquet. Wednesday whacks a ball so hard that it bounces over to the pool and hits a woman in the face. She falls into the deep end and sinks directly to the bottom.

    No one dives in after her, and she lies there for a while as bystanders scream for help. Thankfully, Lurch is around to save the day.

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    Abigail Uses The Family's Loss To Manipulate Them

    Despite remaining happy-go-lucky throughout The Addams Family, Gomez and his clan are put through an emotional ringer by Abigail Craven in her attempts to secure the family's fortune. According to the film, Gomez and his brother, Fester, were so inseparable that they dated a pair of conjoined twins. So when Fester disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle, Gomez must have been distraught.

    When Abigail pretends to be a therapist who's found Fester, she's not just trying to pull a fast one on the Addams family; she's going out of her way to manipulate them - an act that keeps the family from getting closure.

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    Wednesday Probably Offs A Lot Of People During The Thanksgiving Play

    Arguably the most famous scene from Addams Family Values is the Thanksgiving play that Wednesday sabotages by seizing her fellow campers and their parents while setting fires across the stage and leading the rest of the kids in an uprising. 

    She ties her nemesis, Amanda Buckman, to a stake and shoves an apple in her mouth while the rest of the kids set the stage ablaze and topple the parents sitting in the stands. One girl is even thrown into the lake via catapult. 

    Even though no one explicitly eats it on-screen, it's likely that at least a few children met their end that day. 

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    Morticia And Gomez Hire A Babysitter To Keep Their Kids From Hurting The Baby

    Addams Family Values opens with Morticia and Gomez having baby Pubert. Wednesday and Pugsley aren't as jazzed about the new addition as their parents, and rather than get to know the child, they decide to eliminate him. 

    Most of their devious schemes are interrupted, but they still try to commit infanticide. Morticia is forced to hire a babysitter to keep the new child safe from his siblings. Unfortunately, the sitter she hires, Debbie, happens to be a black widow after the family's money. 

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    A Carnivorous Plant Eats A Mail Carrier

    In the opening of the Addams Family Reunion, a mail carrier tries his hardest to keep from going onto the Addams Family property. It's spooky, ooky, and there's a mailbox with teeth, so you can see why he'd try to avoid getting near it. 

    The mail carrier's scheme doesn't work, and he's forced to step foot on the property. That's when his fate is sealed. First, he's chased by the tongue of the seemingly sentient mailbox. Then, he's caught in the middle of a game of lawn darts where he ends up pinned to the ground. After Gomez saves him from the darts, he's dragged away by a carnivorous plant. 

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    Wednesday And Pugsley Torment An Entire Family

    After arriving at the Adams' family reunion rather than the Addams' family reunion, Wednesday and Pugsley go about making enemies as quickly as possible with the "normal" kids they meet. To assert their dominance, they get into a croquet fight with the Adams family - but that's not all they do. 

    Wednesday detonates a croquet ball to freak them out, they entomb Lurch, and they even tie up an entire family and tease them with the possibility of skin grafts. Thankfully, Gomez shows up and gets them out of the house before they can go any further. 

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