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'Aquaman' Moments You Definitely Won't See In The Movie

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Aquaman's days as the garishly clad laughingstock of DC are over, ushered out by several disturbing stories likely to disappear from DC's Aquaman film. It's not because they aren't exceptional - they're too brutal for PG-13 entertainment. The most notorious foes of this superhero committed horrendous atrocities against the King of Atlantis, but even Aquaman himself is guilty of extreme violence.

The dark Aquaman comics of the modern age assisted in making the King of Atlantis genuinely great - intriguing material is abundant. However, Director James Wan and his crew will inevitably omit the most barbaric scenes. Based on the level of gruesomeness, it's pretty easy to guess which stories from the Aquaman comics won't appear in the film (plus, the Justice League Easter eggs gave us a few solid clues).

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    Mera Kills A Resurrected Aquaman And Aquababy

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    During the "Blackest Night" storyline, Mera experiences quite a bit of tragedy. While mourning the loss of her husband, Aquaman rises from his tomb as a resurrected Black Lantern. Mera escapes after a fight in which two of her compatriots die.

    She joins up with a few Justice League members as they battle the Black Lantern Corps. Driven into a rage during battle, Mera earns herself a Red Power Ring, and becomes a Red Lantern. She returns to the seas to deal with a zombie Aquaman, only to find her deceased son revived. However, fueled by rage, she kills Aquaman and Aquababy.

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    Aquababy's Death Drives Mera Insane

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    Mera becomes insane due to the loss of her son. After Black Manta kills Aquababy, Mera blames Aquaman and frequently tells him so. Eventually, Aquaman leaves her, and Mera enters a psychiatric hospital. However, she escapes to hunt down Aquaman, attacking him while he engages in battle with a giant jellyfish. Aquaman fights off Mera, but accidentally impales her on a jagged piece of metal.

    Believing she's dead, a devastated Aquaman prepares a funeral for her. However, thanks to her Xebelian physiology, Mera survives. Awakened in a rage, Mera is furious about her husband deeming her dead, and leaves him.

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    He Feeds An Enemy To The Same Piranhas That Chewed Off His Hand

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    During a fight, Charybdis subdues Aquaman long enough to shove his hand into a river full of piranhas. The vicious creatures eat the flesh off Aquaman's hand. Later in the fight, however, Aquaman gets immediate and brutal retribution.

    The showdown ends as Aquaman trips Charybdis into the river, morbidly telling the "little monsters" to feast. The water blooms with blood, which quickly begins to dissipate as it flows downstream. To really sell the grisly nature of the issue, Aquaman then reveals his piranha-eaten hand to Dolphin.

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    Piranhas Chew His Hand Off

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    In the mid-'90s, Aquaman got a harpoon for a hand. One of Aquaman's foes, Charybdis, strips him of his ability to speak to marine life. The villain forces Aquaman's hand into a river full of piranhas, which completely eat off the flesh. Aquaman actually loses his hand in numerous stories, but this is arguably the most gruesome.

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