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Disturbing Comic Book Moments That The TV Shows Wouldn't Dare Show Us

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Comic books can get away with a lot more than television shows. This is especially true for independent publishers, but DC and Marvel have some pretty graphic series as well. Although networks like AMC and streaming platforms like Prime Video can depict a lot of comic book violence and themes, they have to leave the more extreme examples alone.

Here are many such comic book moments - those that were too disturbing for TV. 

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    ‘The Walking Dead’ - Rick Loses His Hand Early On

    In just the 28th issue of The Walking Dead, Rick gets his hand cut off by the Governor after refusing to disclose the location of his camp. 

    As of Season 10 of the TV series, Rick still has both of his hands.

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    ‘The Walking Dead’ - Michonne Gouges Out The Governor’s Eye Along With Removing His Manhood

    We don't think that this omission needs much explanation. While AMC is a pretty edgy network, it would probably draw the line at depicting the stomach-churning brutality leveled upon the Governor by Michonne in Issue 33 of The Walking Dead. Along with gouging out his eye and impeaching his little Governor, Michonne drills a hole into his shoulder, cuts off one of his arms, yanks out his fingernails, and sodomizes him with a spoon. She does this to avenge the assault he committed against her in Issue 29. 

    The TV series replaced these events with Michonne piercing the Governor's eye with a shard of glass during a fight and later stabbing him in the chest to save Rick. The torture and sexual violence were removed completely.

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    ‘The Walking Dead’ - Hershel’s Twin Daughters Were Decapitated In Prison By A Deranged Inmate

    In Issue 15, Hershel searches for his twins in the prison where he, his family, and other survivors are staying. He finds them in the barber shop - dead, each with her head severed by a psychotic former inmate named Thomas Richards. Hershel drops to his knees in despair.

    In the TV series, Hershel doesn't have twins and neither of his non-twin daughters get decapitated. 

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    ‘The Boys’ - Butcher's Wife Died From Her Own Child Attacking Her In The Womb

    In the TV series, Butcher's wife is still alive and raising the child of Homelander. While that's extremely disturbing in its own right, the Boys comics did things differently by retaining the child but having it murder Butcher's wife - in the womb! The "super-fetus" claws out of her uterus, leaving behind a grisly crime scene. Butcher then bashes it to death with a desk lamp.

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