Disturbing Cryptozoological Fan Art

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Cryptzoology, much like the horror films and TV shows inspired by it, appeals to people because of the thrills associated with the possibility of bizarre creatures' existence. Disturbing fan art of cryptids allows artists to let their imagines run wild and create some rather stunning but horrifying depictions of these mythical and mysterious creatures.

Cryptids in fan art tend to appear in the way most people view them: Fearfully. Though not all cryptids necessarily inspire fear (see: Unicorns), the uncertainty and mystery surrounding them does lend cryptids a bit of fear factor, especially humanoid cryptids. Humans both fear and chase the unexplainable, and spooky crypid fan art combines those qualities together for a creepy yet captivating look at the world's most marvelous maybe-beings.

The creepy cryptid fan art below shows off a horde of sea monsters, demons, and lord-knows-what emerging from the depths of ancient folklore and human imagination. Nessie fan art places the fabled sea serpent in her watery domain, while fan art of Bigfoot depicts the famed ape as a force of nature. Each artist gives their own perspective on what cryptids look like, creating fresh yet familiar renditions of monsters and lore that haunted your childhood dreams and fascinate your adult mind. But all of them inspire fear, so it may be best to not view this fan art before going to sleep - even the Jackalope, the antlered rabbit, looks decidedly less cuddly.


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    Photo: orion35 / DeviantArt

    The snow ape looks ravenous in orion35's bloodstained piece.

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    Photo: BBarends / DeviantArt

    The grim visage of the chupacabra, captured by BBarends.

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    Wendigo In The Woods

    Wendigo In The Woods
    Photo: Fuacka / DeviantArt

    Artist Fuacka reminding you why you never spend time alone in the woods at night.

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    Beast Of Gévaudan

    Beast Of Gévaudan
    Photo: Gabahadatta / DeviantArt

    Mon Dieu! It's the Beast of Gévaudan, made real by Gabahadatta.

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    Photo: Vesner / DeviantArt

    Vesner offers a new perspective on the jackalope, a less cutesy one at that.

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    The Mothman Strikes

    The Mothman Strikes
    Photo: PoaAlpina / DeviantArt

    The Mothman attacks, a spectacularly sinister depiction by PoaAlpina.

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