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The 14 Most Disturbing Moments From 'Edward Scissorhands'

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Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands is a timeless classic that inverts a typical monster movie by telling the story from the creature's perspective. It's a macabre fairy tale of acceptance and true love that's also incredibly disturbing. From the opening credits, the film reveals traumatic details that remain with the audience long after the movie ends.

Edward Scissorhands signaled the start of an extensive, lucrative relationship that created many beloved Tim Burton and Johnny Depp movies. The pair has specialized in movies about misunderstood outsiders, but none is more unsettling than this film, which brings up questions about mortality, immortality, and identity.

Whether it's Edward slicing up the people he loves or having his "father" expire in front of him, these moments from Edward Scissorhands prove Burton meant for this film to hurt.

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