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The 14 Most Disturbing Moments From 'Edward Scissorhands'

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Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands is a timeless classic that inverts a typical monster movie by telling the story from the creature's perspective. It's a macabre fairy tale of acceptance and true love that's also incredibly disturbing. From the opening credits, the film reveals traumatic details that remain with the audience long after the movie ends.

Edward Scissorhands signaled the start of an extensive, lucrative relationship that created many beloved Tim Burton and Johnny Depp movies. The pair has specialized in movies about misunderstood outsiders, but none is more unsettling than this film, which brings up questions about mortality, immortality, and identity.

Whether it's Edward slicing up the people he loves or having his "father" expire in front of him, these moments from Edward Scissorhands prove Burton meant for this film to hurt.

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    Peg's Neighbors See Edward As A Tool, Not A Person

    Though Peg genuinely cares for Edward, her neighbors see him as nothing more than a tool that can cut lettuce, trim hedges, make shish kebabs, and groom dogs. Edward may have scissors for hands, but he's still a person.

    The darkest part of this is that all along, his creator might have intended for him to be a tool.

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    Joyce Likes To Get Her Hair Aggressively Cut By Edward

    When Joyce gets her hair cut by Edward, she describes it as "the single most thrilling experience" of her life. As Edward slices through her hair, she cries with delight, possibly revealing a secret fascination with the limits of existence or pain.

    With every snip, she almost catches a scissor to the face, and that's what she appears to like.

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    Edward Is A Monster Who's Never Going To Die

    While never explicitly stated, it's implied that Edward doesn't age - so he's probably never going to experience the limits of mortality. The opening credits and flashbacks drop these hints by juxtaposing Edward with the other machines built by his creator. Throughout the film, whenever Edward cuts his face, he doesn't bleed, unlike the rest of the characters.

    At the end of the film, after a much older Kim finishes telling her granddaughter Edward's story, we see Edward, who's still the same age, slicing up ice sculptures. It doesn't take a lot to infer that Edward is going to live forever - that is, until his gears dry up and he winds down.

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    It Doesn't Take Much For Edward To Become Unhinged

    Though Edward goes through the wringer when he becomes part of the neighborhood, he handles most of his experiences in the outside world with an odd smile. He does everything from working for the neighbors for free to helping young Jim break into his father's home.

    But the moment Edward finally loses his cool, he starts shredding the walls, the curtains, and anything within reach. It's no surprise that he so easily turns deadly in the film's finale.

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