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The Most Disturbing Deaths In The 'Final Destination' Franchise

10 Mar 2020 4.0k votes 503 voters 17.8k views15 items

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In the Final Destination franchise, Death is not only an entity - it seems to enjoy creating Rube Goldberg-like paths to each unlucky character's doom. As in the Saw movies, the demise of a character in Final Destination is as much a part of the story as the lead protagonist's journey. Each expiration is set up for maximum impact - sometimes very literally - with small choices and seemingly coincidental interactions creating an unstoppable domino effect that leaves audiences hyper-aware of the butterfly effect in their own lives.

From the first film's opening disaster on an airplane to the last movie's gruesome laser eye surgery, these are the most disturbing deaths in the Final Destination franchise. Vote up the untimely ends that left audiences shuddering for years to come.

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