The Most Disturbing Deaths In The 'Final Destination' Franchise

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In the Final Destination franchise, Death is not only an entity - it seems to enjoy creating Rube Goldberg-like paths to each unlucky character's doom. As in the Saw movies, the demise of a character in Final Destination is as much a part of the story as the lead protagonist's journey. Each expiration is set up for maximum impact - sometimes literally - with small choices and seemingly coincidental interactions creating an unstoppable domino effect that leaves audiences hyper-aware of the butterfly effect in their own lives.

From the first film's opening disaster on an airplane to the last movie's gruesome laser eye surgery, these are the most disturbing deaths in the Final Destination franchise. Vote up the untimely ends that left audiences shuddering for years to come.

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    The Tanning Bed - 'Final Destination 3'

    Wanting to look good for an upcoming memorial, survivors Ashley (Chelan Simmons) and Ashlyn (Crystal Lowe) decide to get a tanning session in. After the tanning salon's employee is locked outside, the tanning beds are short-circuited by Ashley's dripping drink cup. Then a loose shelf of CDs traps the two inside their beds.

    As the temperature increases, their screams go unanswered, and they burn to a crisp.

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  • Kimberly (A.J. Cook) and her friends set off in her SUV for a spring break in Florida, but during a wait to enter the highway, she has a premonition of a deadly multi-car pileup. A semitruck carrying large logs scatters its load across the highway, ending the life of Officer Burke (Michael Landes), who is distracted by a hot coffee spill in his lap.

    A motorcyclist slides in the carnage and is smashed by his own vehicle, then a Mustang attempts to avoid the logs but gets taken out by a second large truck. A businesswoman's SUV slams into another log, and the same happens to a mother and son when their car's brake is compromised by a water bottle under the pedal. 

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    The Gymnastics Dismount - 'Final Destination 5'

    After surviving the bridge incident, Candice (Ellen Wroe) decides to practice gymnastics. Prior to her workout on the uneven bars, screws loosen from the apparatus, a fan cord with exposed wires is introduced onto the mats, and Candice's pre-bar ritual rubber band snaps.

    Another mishap occurs with a fellow gymnast who gets a screw embedded in her foot and knocks powder into a fan. With the powder effectively blinding her, Candice dismounts from the uneven bars and snaps her spine.

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    Pool Disembowelment - 'The Final Destination'

    Hunt (Nick Zano) is relaxing at the pool with his lucky coin, only to drop it into the water. Unbeknownst to him, the pool's drain setting is turned on, making the central drain too strong to escape from.

    As Hunt attempts to retrieve his good luck charm, he is suctioned to the drain and divested of several essential organs.

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    Laser Eye Surgery - 'Final Destination 5'

    Fed up with her glasses, Olivia (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) chooses to get laser eye surgery. Prepped and strapped into place, the laser malfunctions and begins to burn her eye as her doctor searches for files elsewhere.

    When fellow survivors Sam (Nicholas D'Agosto) and Molly (Emma Bell) bust into the clinic, they find Olivia has freed herself - only to trip and fall out of the high-rise office's window. She lands on the cement below, losing an eye.

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    Revenge Of The Air Bag - 'Final Destination 2'

    Kat (Keegan Connor Tracy) drives the remaining survivors toward a hospital, but a blowout sends Kat's SUV out of control. A PVC pipe with a jagged end is thrust through her headrest, narrowly missing her skull.

    Emergency crews arrive and begin attempts to release Kat, but too much jarring triggers her airbag and slams her cranium into the PVC pipe.

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