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People Describe The Most Upsetting Things They Learned From Taking An Online DNA Test

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Many people fear what they might discover from taking an online DNA test, and for good reason. Those willing to set aside their reservations often find there are substantial benefits to online DNA tests. Families reunite, personal discoveries are celebrated, and genetic diseases are detected early. Genealogy websites have even solved murders and revealed shocking family secrets. Despite the bright side of genealogy websites, there's also a danger that they can reveal truths never meant to come to light. 

On Reddit, users are sharing their troublesome 23andMe, Promethease, and AncestryDNA results and the stories behind them. It comes as no surprise that many of these stories are downright upsetting. Is it better to be sure of your ancestry, even if the results could devastate you? These Redditors took a leap of faith that unfortunately fell a bit short.