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The Most Disturbing Horror Movie Moments Of 2021

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Horror films have been one of the bright spots of 2021. Whether they were released by a major distributor or an indie company, they all include disturbing imagery that sticks with the audience long after the credits roll. The following horror movie moments are some of the most intense and gruesome scenes of the year, but that doesn't mean they're all blood and guts - far from it, in fact.

The moments collected here range from brutal beheadings to a deadly shower of acid rain. There's also plenty of existential dread included here that might leave you shivering just thinking about it. Keep in mind that this list is peppered with minor spoiler alerts, but if anything, they'll just make you want to watch these disturbing horror movies from 2021 even more. Good luck sleeping with the lights off tonight - now let's get disturbed.