Horror Movie Scenes Even Serious Viewers Can't Make It Through

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Horror fans only: Vote up the scenes you have a hard time stomaching.

There are plenty of freaky horror movies out there, and for some horror fans, the more unsettling the better; but then there are some horror movie scenes too disturbing to finish, even for dyed-in-the-wool horror hounds. These scenes aren't always lodged in the most twisted movies, either. Every now and then, a fairly tame flick will suddenly bust out a scene so disturbing that you just have to look away. Sometimes that's gore, sure, but other times it's something else - an idea so insidious and unsettling that it gets under your skin or creates a sense of utter nihilism and despair.

Whatever it is that makes them so hard to watch, these are some disturbing horror movie scenes you can't finish unless you're among the most ironclad of horror fans. Vote up the scenes you couldn't make it all the way through - or wish you hadn't...