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The Most Disturbing Message Boards Hiding In The Darkest Corners Of The Internet

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Even if netizens understand the possibility of stumbling upon seriously disturbing message boards across the Internet,  many fail to realize how disturbing hidden Internet message boards can be. Some aren't even trying to hide at all, which makes it them even easier to stumble upon. While some of the worst Internet message boards hail from the dark web, others remain accessible from a regular browser, and can get downright terrifying. From cannibals seeking cannibals to disturbing fantasies that only Jeffrey Dahmer would be into, the Internet - for better or for worse - pretty much has it all. In this case, it's definitely for worse. 

Some of the most evil message boards on the Internet you might already know (hello, 4chan). Some of the more nefarious and niche-based forums, however, exist in the bowels of the dark web, where adult material, painful demises, aggression, eating disorders, self-harm, and acts and words of hatred unfortunately reign supreme. But the one thing they all have in common, is that they really aren't ones you want turning up in your browser history. Proceed with caution, this content is not for everyone. 

  • Cute Dead Guys

    A forum dedicated to sharing photos and videos of attractive young men who, well, just happen to be dead, Cute Dead Guys sounds innocent enough before you click on it. One assumes the message board shares media featuring late actors, models, and musicians who people considered attractive when alive. If Playboy could issue an Anna Nicole Smith tribute edition a few months after her passing, is this really that weird?

    However, if you look closer you’ll realize the content centers around photos and videos of actual cadavers of attractive men. Sub-forums include “Death Images,” where users share photos of cadavers, and “Crime and Death Video,” for uploading disturbing videos of hot dudes dying. In fact, the least creepy sub-forum only shares clips of hot actors playing dead for movies and television shows. That right there tells you a lot about the nature of this site.

  • Rent-A-Hacker

    If you want to feel paranoid about your online security, join a dark net forum about hackers. Did you know renting a hacker online requires little effort? On Rent-A-Hacker, buyers may request varying levels of hacker services. Maybe you need someone's Facebook broken into to delete some embarrassing photos.

    Or maybe you need someone to be falsely apprehended. Either way, Rent-A-Hacker has you covered.

  • Pro-Suicide Websites

    Unfortunately, as the Internet continues to grow, data show a noticeable increase in recent history of pro-suicide message boards. Rather than discourage the act, certain communities view suicide as an acceptable personal choice, and often swap tips and tricks on how to successfully take your own life. Unlike many of the sites in this list, you don’t need to get onto the deep web to access such sites either.

    From reddit forums to online communities accessible via a basic Google search, pro-suicide communities are becoming much more common in even casual Internet browsing.

  • Pro-Ana Communities

    “Pro-ana” is short form for “pro-anorexia.” While perhaps difficult to fathom, there exist sizable online communities who view anorexia – and disordered eating general – as a lifestyle choice rather than a mental health issue. Pro-ana sites see anorexia as a valid option for those who prefer a thinner aesthetic.In such forums, users who identify as “anas” or "mias" (bulimia enthusiasts) swap advice and tips about the process of severe dietary restriction, fasting, and other disordered eating habits.

    Apparently quite efficient communities, posters follow "rules" concerning eating and exercise. Community members "support" one another in their endeavors to reach various dangerously low goal weights. Even sadder, many posters reach out for "ana penpals" to starve themselves with, revealing many of these members are likely lonely, and this community provides them with their only source of interpersonal contact.