Unspeakable Crimes Maximum Security Prison Guards Reveal Their Most Disturbing On-Duty Experiences  

Stefanie Hammond
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You may never know exactly what it’s like to be a prison guard. Certain creepy prison guard stories from real employees in correctional facilities can provide insights into what happens behind locked doors, however. Maximum security facility employees have to be prepared for all sorts of situations, and it's imperative for them to remain level-headed no matter what they encounter.

Their jobs occasionally put them in danger, but they do the work nonetheless. You won't believe some of the stories from guards surrounded by the most dangerous convicts in the criminal justice system.

Guards Were Held Captive

From Redditor /u/jackpackage913:

I was involved in a riot where the inmates took over the cell house. Some other officers and I were pretty much held captive. They had their demands and the prison met them. It's a real long story, but I was 100% sure I was going to die. I wrote a goodbye note to my family and put it in my pocket. The issue was resolved peacefully, but it was a very scary few hours. I've never seen so many prison weapons in my life.

One Prisoner Bragged About Fitting A Pringles Can Somewhere Surprising

From Redditor /u/The Taytet:

I was doing my rounds and an inmate struck up a conversation with me. We talked for a bit and the inmates in the nearby cells were in on the conversation. I forget what we were talking about, but one inmate said something along the lines of, "I can fit a whole full-sized Pringle can up my butt". My brain wasn't working because the first thing I said was, "I'd have to see it to believe it," and without missing a beat somebody rolled a Pringles can down the walk (hallway) towards me and the inmate slipped his hand ou, snatched the can up, and started to unbutton his pants. I was caught so off guard at the situation I literally ran away.

An Inmate Was Dissolved In Lye

From Redditor /u/ suitology:

One of the prisoners went missing and no one could find him. Eventually a lot of blood was found in the laundry room. Soon after, a clogged pipe. According to the rumor, this 19-year-old white supremacist guy pissed of the wrong Italian guy. The Italian guy had a few of his guys kidnap the Hitler Youth and they very slowly killed him, then cut up his body (using just a small band saw blade piece) and tried to shove it down a drain with some lye they stole.

A Man Brutalized Himself

From Redditor /u/ The_Taytet:

I could talk about a guy who had a habit of attempting suicide by beating his head on the walls. Or the guy who cut his testicle out and threw it at our lieutenant, then stuffed his ball sack with random crap.