Graveyard Shift

Macabre Mermaid Tales Pulled From The Darkest Depths Of The Sea

Do you daydream about seeing a real mermaid? Such a spotting might be the highlight of any day out on the water. But before you get too lost in your imagination, beware: eerie tales about mermaids say they're actually a harbinger of doom.

Don't believe the Disney hype about mermaids being sweet fish-women seeking their soulmates. In reality, sinister mermaid mythology characterizes them as sea monsters worthy of any horror film. Mermaids and mermen have many tools at their disposal to bring about your untimely end. They may channel a storm, lure your ship into the rocks, drive you mad with their singing - or even feast on your flesh. These scary mermaid stories prove that they're some of the creepiest things in the sea.