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Super Intense Black Panther Moments In The Comics You Didn't See In The Movie

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Although a Black Panther movie finally became a reality in 2018, there are definitely a few Black Panther tales that won't make it into the film series. These disturbing Black Panther stories range from the bizarre to the deeply troubling.

As Marvel's first African superhero, King T'Challa of Wakanda has routinely tackled issues of racism, as well as complex geo-political politics. Putting aside communal real-world issues, Black Panther is a hero fraught with personal problems. Whenever he takes on Klaw — the villain that killed his father — the fun usually stops, as T'Challa rarely has the self-control to know when to stop beating his nemesis. Additionally, some of the more uncomfortable scenes from recent comics paint the hero as a misogynist who has no problem keeping his country's life-saving advancements under wraps.  

No matter how much you already know about Black Panther, some of the hero's grittier moments may still surprise you. Disney wants nothing to do with the ugly aspects of crime fighting. 

  • T'Challa Could End Gun Violence, But He Doesn't

    T'Challa apparently possesses the technology to stop all gunfire. In the New Fantastic Four series, Storm and Black Panther are leading a team of heroes, who come dangerously close to getting gunned down by the police. Just before bullets begin raining down on the crew, T'Challa tells everyone not to worry, then casually mentions that "Wakanda developed technology to defeat firearms centuries ago." 

    While the moment is supposed to be humorous, it ends up raising some serious questions. If Black Panther can really disable any firearm without lifting a finger, why doesn't he make this technology freely available to the countless regions that suffer daily from gun violence? 

    Considering that the comics have yet to follow up on this pressing issue, it's highly unlikely that a movie will ever rise to the challenge. 

  • The Panther Once Grew Six Spider Arms

    During Spider-Island, Black Panther sprouts four extra arms in a disgusting display of body horror. Sure, everything T'Challa does looks insanely cool, but he's still definitely creepy with arms exploding out of his rib cage.

    While Marvel Studios has a long and bright future ahead of it, Spider-Island feels like a story uniquely suited for comics. It would be quite shocking if Black Panther's spider-phase made it to the big screen, though if it does, it would be pretty sweet to see Overdrive and Lady Bullseye (the saga's villains) there as well. 

  • T'Challa Fought Terror With Terror

    The opening arc in Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze's Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet is fascinating, predominantly because of its no-holds-barred take on Wakandan politics. In the story, the kingly portion of Black Panther's life is given significantly more attention, as the hero attempts to manage a nation-wide rebellion.

    This leads to a meditation on how Wakanda should respond to terrorist activity. In one particularly rough moment — that occurs shortly after T'Challa's queen/mother has been grievously injured by a bomb — T'Challa decides that the only course of action is to respond with greater and more terrifying force. It's a dark view of a nation's government that will be challenging for Marvel Studios to make brand-friendly. 

  • T'Challa Once Dismissed Black Widow For Being A Woman

    A low point for Black Panther comes in the middle of Marvel's Civil War. When Black Widow tries to confront T'Challa about his allegiances, he dismisses her, saying that he would "never fight a woman." To make things worse, he follows up his initial insult by letting it slip that he has "people for that." This moment of misogyny feels shockingly out of character for Black Panther; this is not the way a hero should act.