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Super Intense Black Panther Moments In The Comics You Didn't See In The Movie

Although a Black Panther movie finally became a reality in 2018, there are definitely a few Black Panther tales that won't make it into the film series. These disturbing Black Panther stories range from the bizarre to the deeply troubling.

As Marvel's first African superhero, King T'Challa of Wakanda has routinely tackled issues of racism, as well as complex geo-political politics. Putting aside communal real-world issues, Black Panther is a hero fraught with personal problems. Whenever he takes on Klaw — the villain that killed his father — the fun usually stops, as T'Challa rarely has the self-control to know when to stop beating his nemesis. Additionally, some of the more uncomfortable scenes from recent comics paint the hero as a misogynist who has no problem keeping his country's life-saving advancements under wraps.  

No matter how much you already know about Black Panther, some of the hero's grittier moments may still surprise you. Disney wants nothing to do with the ugly aspects of crime fighting.