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Disturbing Moments In 'The Walking Dead' Comics The Series Wouldn't Dare Show You

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The Walking Dead became a cultural phenomenon thanks to AMC and their adaptation of the beloved comic book series of the same name. The show was instantly recognized for its shocking and disturbing content. However, AMC is a broadcast network, so many things had to be cut from the comic in order to make it to the small screen. We've listed below some of the most disturbing moments from The Walking Dead comic series, and why they probably never made it to camera. 

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    Lori And Judith's Death

    Photo: Image Comics / AMC

    In the show, not only has Judith has become a bad*ss sword-wielding zombie killer but she's currently the only person keeping the Grimes name alive (other than her little brother RJ). However, her story could have played out very differently had the writers followed Judith's story arc in the comics where she is tragically killed during the battle of the prison. Apparently, Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead graphic novels, has been petitioning to let Judith meet her comic book fate but the producers never budged. 

    In the comics, Lori is shot to death while running for her life during the Governor's final assault on the prison. Tragically, she was trying to shield Judith from the hail of bullets and ends up crushing her as she collapses onto the ground. Rick witnesses the traumatic event and tells Carl "don't look back" as they frantically run from the prison. The show teased this moment in the season 4 episode "Too Far Gone" when Rick and Carl stumble on Judith's bloody carrier, but it turns out she was saved by Tyreese and is still alive to this day. 

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    Rosita Was One Of The Victims On Alpha's Pike Border And She Was Pregnant

    Photo: Image Comics / AMC

    The show did an amazing job at depicting the brutality of Alpha's pike border, killing off key characters such as Tara, Enid, and Henry in the process and putting their decapitated heads on pikes. But still, the comic manages to outdo the adaptation in terms of its chosen victims and the savagery of Alpha. In the comics, Alpha puts 11 heads on the border, some of which include the likes of Olivia, Luke, Ezekiel, and Rosita. 

    Thankfully, Luke and Ezekiel were able to avoid their counterpart's tragic demise in the show but Rosita is the luckiest of them all. In the comics, Rosita is pregnant with Siddiq's child (same as the show) when she is decapitated and placed on the border. The implications are that Rosita's unborn baby was killed in the process and her pregnant body disposed of. Although the show has shown some pretty brutal things, the death of Rosita's unborn baby would've been too much. 

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    Carol Commited Suicide By Walker At The Prison

    Photo: Image Comics / AMC

    Carol is currently one of the toughest survivors still around on AMC's The Walking Dead, which makes it even more surprising that she's been dead in the comics for a very long time. Though Carol's story has been tragic in both mediums (she lost her husband, daughter, and adopted son in the show), her comic counterpart might've had it a little worse.

    After entering a relationship with Tyreese all the way back in the prison, her mental health started to deteriorate after she found out Tyreese was cheating on her with Michonne. After one thwarted suicide attempt, Carol successfully ended her life by letting a walker rip her throat out. Luckily, the writers at AMC saw better use for her character and changed her storyline for the series. 

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    Michonne's Revenge On The Governor Took A Different Turn

    Photo: Image Comics / AMC

    In the show's third season, during the mid-season finale, the Governor and Michonne finally got to go at it after a half season's worth of tension. She ends up stabbing a piece of glass into his eye and blinding him after a bloody altercation. However, both characters leave the fight relatively unscathed in comparison to their comic counterparts. 

    In the comics, Michonne's revenge plan on the Governor is a little more justified considering he didn't just lie to her about Woodbury, he kidnapped her and did horrible things to her. In retaliation, Michonne waits in the Governor's apartment one night so she could torture him. She ends up gouging out his eye, slicing off his arm, and "removing" his "manhood." No wonder the Governor was so angry. 

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