TV Disturbing Muppet Moments You Didn't Realize Were For Adults  

Erin McCann
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Any list of racy moments in children's television is probably going to include something from The Muppet Show. Like other children's TV shows that use adult humor (see Hey Arnold for a great example), children most likely never noticed all the age-inappropriate stuff in the Muppets, but some disturbing aspects of The Muppet Show include scantily clad stars, violent situations, and a few really heavy themes.

After the massive success of Sesame Street, Jim Henson wanted to create something for adults and escape the kiddie pigeonholing of his characters. The Muppets were brought on board the brand new Saturday Night Live, but their style didn't meld with the SNL writers. As a result, The Muppet Show was created, featuring many characters beloved by children, but there were also plenty of adult moments and instances of risque humor on The Muppet Show.

So, what is some of the adult humor you never noticed in the Muppets? Prepare for some disturbing realizations that might just taint your childhood memories. 

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Alice Cooper Is The Devil And Wants The Muppets' Souls

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Let it be known that Alice Cooper brings his own monsters to the set of The Muppet Show (Season 3, Episode 7). In this episode, he is also the devil and tries to entice the cast to sell him their souls before breaking into "School's Out." This episode's theme was based entirely around the guest star, so creepy happenings abound, including Beaker being overcome with germs, the Pigs In Space crew suddenly transforming into outlines, and William Tell's assistant getting an arrow through the head. We will forever wonder what would have transpired if KISS had ever guest starred.

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Raquel Welch Dirty Dances With A Spider And Hits On Fozzie

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Lucky viewers of the Raquel Welch Muppet Show episode (Season 3, Episode 11) will get an eyeful of the sultry actress. After escaping a horde of male Muppets panting outside her dressing room, she performs "Baby It's Me" – all the while scantily clad and with a prehistoric spider. Later, she serenades Fozzie to boost his self esteem – among other things – and invites him to her dressing room for tea. Fozzie innocently asks if he can bring some friends, proving Jim Henson was a master of both puppetry and double entendre.

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Beauregard The Janitor Freaks Out About The Apocalypse

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Although this episode centers around the cast trying to get guest star Gene Kelly on stage (Season 5, Episode 1), it also features a pretty disturbing side story. From a tarot reading, Beauregard the janitor learns the apocalypse is near and spends the rest of the episode slowly freaking out. He gives away his belongings and tries to get the others to believe him. Beauregard is eventually told the tarot reading was wrong, but the episode ends with him refusing to believe this and never finding closure. Good thing this episode had a sweet rendition of "Singing In The Rain" to lift it out of its horribly dark depression.

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The Muppets Are Picked Off By A Murderer

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Liza Minnelli is the guest star in this murder mystery special (Season 4, Episode 14), and half the cast dies. There are shootings, stabbings, hatchets, arrows through the head, choking, and the obligatory body falling out of the closet. Sure mystery is fun and all, but this is some dark stuff. And throw in some jokes about women's legs and Liza being a "sax symbol" and you've got a winner.