15 Disturbing Moments In 'One Piece' That Were Too Much For The Anime

Despite the bright and whimsical presentation of the series, there are a ton of disturbing One Piece moments in the manga that were just too much for the anime. For example, as One Piece progressed through its story, so did the severity of its violence. While the anime has represented the action of the series well, for the most part, it has modified certain horrific scenes for the sake of its younger audiences. 

The same goes for certain gestures that can be interpreted as disrespectful and inimitable for viewers. Of course, there are creative decisions where certain extreme and fantastical scenes in One Piece could be deemed as too unbelievable to buy. And there’s the unfortunate timing of real-world incidents influencing the broadcast of the anime. Anime-only watchers need to be aware of the disturbing One Piece moments they’re missing from the manga.

  • 1

    'Red Leg' Zeff Eating His Own Foot

    During a flashback in the Baratie Arc, a young Sanji and the infamous pirate “Red Leg” Zeff are stranded on a deserted island after surviving a deadly storm. In a desperate attempt to survive, Zeff cuts off his right leg with a rock and eats it.

    In the anime version, Zeff lost his right leg when saving Sanji from the storm. His leg was caught by the underwater wreckage of the ship and was pulled apart by its anchor. 

  • 2

    Kid Luffy Scarring His Face

    If you were an anime-only watcher, you may have wondered how Luffy got that scar underneath his left eye. Well, in the manga, Luffy’s scar is actually explained right away. The first chapter of the manga is actually the origin story of Luffy, where he’s trying to join "Red-Haired" Shanks’ pirate crew as a kid. To prove his bravery, Luffy pierces himself with a knife.

    When the flashback scene was shown in the anime, it omitted the scene of kid Luffy harming himself. However, the scene was eventually animated in the sixth One Piece TV special called Episode of Luffy: Adventure on Hand Island. To get a better idea of how long anime fans had to wait for the scar scene, the special aired right after episode 579 of the series.

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    Akainu Burns Half Of Whitebeard’s Head Off

    In chapter 575 of the manga, Whitebeard and his men retaliate against the demise of Ace at the hands of Admiral Akainu. Akainu, one of the strongest marines in the world of One Piece, burns off a portion of Whitebeard’s head.

    In the anime, Akainu only burns off half of Whitebeard’s mustache, leaving his face unfazed.

  • 4

    Zoro Slicing His Legs Off

    During their adventure in Little Garden island, Roronoa Zoro and his friends were nearly transformed into wax figures by Mr. 3 and his Wax-Wax Fruit. In a last-ditch effort to free himself, Zoro nearly chopped his legs off to stop the wax from traveling further to his body. While Luffy and Usopp came in before Zoro completely amputated his legs, the swordsman was already halfway there and had blood spilling from his ankles.

    While the anime does show a little blood spill from Zoro’s legs, the manga version is more explicit. 

  • 5

    Bartolomeo Chops Off Someone’s Tongue

    Don’t ever badmouth Monkey D. Luffy in front of Bartolomeo. In chapter 720 of the Dressrosa arc, Bartolomeo cuts off the tongue of a noble who mocked Luffy for failing to save his brother, Portgas D. Ace.

    In the anime version, Bartolomeo just beats the man up.

  • 6

    Bell-mère's Demise

    One of the most devastating deaths during the early run of One Piece was the execution of Bell-mère by Arlong the Saw. Bell-mère, the adoptive mother of Nami and Nojiko, was executed for failing to pay the Arlong Pirates’ fee to keep her alive (she only had enough money to save her girls).

    In the manga, Arlong shoots her in the head. The anime version changes this by having Arlong aim at Bell-mère’s chest.