Unspeakable Times

A Former Florida Prison Guard Divulged Secrets Of The System  

Jessika M. Thomas
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Prison horror stories are rampant, and while no one knows that better than the prisoners, correctional officers have their own shocking tales. Many prison guard stories are just as wild as those of inmates, proving prisons can be violent and dangerous places - even for those paid to work in them.

If you've ever wondered what a day in the life of a corrections officer is like, look no further than Reddit's Ask Me Anything section, where a former guard answered questions about the job and shared disturbing prison stories. 

Guards Are Scared For Their Own Lives

Redditor /u/tonytwotoes asked:

How often did you witness other officers taking advantage or hurting inmates just because they could? If so, please explain one example.

Did you ever have a day where you thought you wouldn't make it home alive or in one piece? If so, please describe the situation that made you feel that way.

Redditor /u/Meleyz replied:

Almost every single day. And yes. Once during a riot in the chow hall myself and 3 other officers climbed through the back kitchen window to avoid being stabbed by a group of inmates known as Black Gangster Disciples. They said they wouldn't be happy until officers left in body bags. Eventually rapid response teams showed up and took care of the situation.

There Was Nothing Enjoyable About Being A Prison Guard

Redditor /u/DieselGrappler asked:

What did you find satisfying about the job?

Redditor /u/Meleyz replied:

Absolutely nothing. My son was born deaf so the only good thing that came out of it was the insurance company paying for my son's speech therapy and for my wife and me to learn sign language. Literally, that was the only good thing.    

Murder Is A Common Occurrence

Redditor /u/Tronkfool asked:

What is the most disgusting thing you have ever witnessed/seen?

Redditor /u/Meleyz replied:

I remember showing up to work in confinement for the first time about eight months after I was hired. I walked straight into the remainder of a murder scene where one inmate had killed another inmate for supposedly offending his boyfriend. He wrote "to Justin" with his blood on the wall.

As per policy and procedure, I was told to watch the body until the Inspector General arrived at the crime scene four hours later after traveling from department headquarters in Tallahassee. Stabbings and rapes are also very common in prison but seeing a dead body stuck with me for quite some time.

The inmate who committed the murder was transferred to close custody and I never saw that inmate again.

Other Guards Can Be Horrible

Redditor /u/thebongman asked:

You ever beat up any prisoners because you were having a bad day or something?

Redditor /u/Meleyz replied:

Never. The only time I had physical contact with an inmate was to stop a fight or defend myself. And even that was too much. There is so much disease in prison it's scary. So you have to constantly avoid blood, spit from inmates, urine, etc. I have however seen several officers abuse inmates. And they will tell you that if you report it to an investigator that they will then come after you. So many people turn their heads.