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The Most Intensely Disturbing Quests In All Of 'The Elder Scrolls'

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Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to spend the night in a coffin with a thousand-year-old corpse. That's just one of the truly twisted quests in Elder Scrolls, one of the biggest and most popular role-playing franchises of all time. First introduced in 1994 with the release of The Elder Scrolls: Arena, the series has since seen a number of bestselling titles hit store shelves including Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. Each of these games contain huge open worlds with hundreds of characters and insane quests -some more questionable than others.

The foremost concern for Bethesda has always been the freedom allotted to the player. Whether a gamer's interests align with guilds that focus specifically on dark magic and assassinations, or cults and groups that worship evil gods, the options are always there. This lack-of-restrictions approach provides plenty of opportunities for gruesome or horrifying quests.

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    The Player Forces A Young Girl Into A Sex Cult

    The Heart of Dibella quest in Skyrim involves having to find a new prophet for the Cult of Dibella. The cult worships the goddess in a temple and are essentially a sex cult focused on the more physical aspects of love and lovemaking. The only problem is that their prophet, known as the Sybil, has to be a young girl.

    While the parents of the chosen child seem perfectly willing to hand her over to the temple, the player is still effectively forcing this youngster into a sex cult whether she likes it or not. Will you intervene?

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    The Player Tortures A Priest Before Murdering Him

    The Daedric Princes in the Elder Scrolls are known to be sadistic at times. House of Horrors, a horrific quest in Skyrim, just serves as further evidence for this point. After being trapped in a house with another explorer, the Daedric Prince Molag Bol forces the player to eliminate his fellow captive.

    Once the opponent is murdered, the Daedra commands that a particular priest be brought to the house. The dirty work isn't quite over though, as the player is forced to imprison the poor innocent man and sadistically beat and torture him until he agrees to worship Molag Bol. After this admission, gamers are free to bash in the priest's skull.

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    The Sad Sorcerer Includes A Wizard That Has Been Force-Fed His Companions

    On the surface, The Sad Sorcerer quest from Morrowind appears to be rather lighthearted. The wizard Inwold has been imprisoned by his own magical creations and forced to wear a comical hat and skirt. However, a little bit of investigation reveals the sorcerer was part of a crew of smugglers.

    When one of his spells backfired, all his colleagues were killed. Worst of all, Inwold has only survived to this point by being force-fed a soup made from his former companions.

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    Boethiah’s Calling Has You Sacrifice A Friend

    There are plenty of opportunities in Skyrim to do evil things that might seem crazy or disturbing. Boethiah’s Calling takes this idea and runs with it. In order to become the champion of the Daedric Prince of deceit, you have to trick one of your followers into shadowing you to an altar where you ritualistically sacrifice them.

    It’s important to remember this person is not just any individual, but either a close friend or someone who works in a guild with you. The follower trusts you and you repay that trust by willingly leading them to their death. And it’s all done just to receive a weapon from the Daedra.

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