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The Most Intensely Disturbing Quests In All Of 'The Elder Scrolls'

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Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to spend the night in a coffin with a thousand-year-old corpse. That's just one of the truly twisted quests in Elder Scrolls, one of the biggest and most popular role-playing franchises of all time. First introduced in 1994 with the release of The Elder Scrolls: Arena, the series has since seen a number of bestselling titles hit store shelves including Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. Each of these games contain huge open worlds with hundreds of characters and insane quests -some more questionable than others.

The foremost concern for Bethesda has always been the freedom allotted to the player. Whether a gamer's interests align with guilds that focus specifically on dark magic and assassinations, or cults and groups that worship evil gods, the options are always there. This lack-of-restrictions approach provides plenty of opportunities for gruesome or horrifying quests.

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    If Players Fail To Help A Mage, He Has To Eat His Wife

    Every game in the Elder Scrolls franchise seems to have some element of cannibalism present. In The Elder Scrolls Online it comes in the form of a quest called Questionable Contract. A mage has been hired by a village to clear a forest so they can expand their beehives. However, since they don't trust magic users, they hold his wife hostage. If he fails to complete his job, he will be forced to eat his wife as punishment. All of these for some bees.

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    One Quest Has You Helping Cannibals And Deciding Whether To Eat A Priest

    The Taste of Death is a quest from Skyrim where players are approached by a woman (Eola) within the crypts of one of the main cities. After explaining how she worships a Daedric Lord known as Namira, Eola will confess to having eaten the flesh from the dead bodies in the crypt. The cannibal will then ask you to seek out and murder several enemies in the area.

    Once this is completed the player has to convince a priest to attend the initiation feast, where the option presents itself to kill the innocent man and devour him. Well? How hungry are you?

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    Gamers Have To Prevent A Genocide From Being Carried Out

    The Elder Scrolls franchise has never shied away from addressing real-life issues, and in the Elder Scrolls Online, there are quests that show how certain species are xenophobic and racist towards others that live in Tamriel. Keepers of the Shell is perhaps the most insane adventure of the bunch. Here, you have to prevent the Aldmeri Dominion from wiping out the Argonian eggs in the hatchling pools.

    The Dominion wants to not only wipe out all living Argonians, but prevent future generations from being born. It's left up to you to stop them.

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    An 'Oblivion' Quest Essentially Puts You In Charge Of A Saw Movie

    Baiting the Trap is a quest from Oblivion that sees the player controlling the fate of three adventurers. The unfortunate explorers have been trapped in a series of chambers and can only proceed when you choose which horror to inflict upon them. The choice is between physical punishment that will cause immense pain or psychological torment that will drive them to insanity.

    Whatever your choice, the three captives will all die as a result of the horrors inflicted upon them, leaving you to claim your reward (a shiny new dual-sword). How do you look at yourself in the mirror?

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