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15 Disturbing Facts About The Serial Killer Who Hunted Human Beings For Sport

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Out of all the serial killers who have marred the landscape of American history, one of the most sadistic was Robert Hansen, the “Butcher Baker.” An accomplished recreational big game hunter in Alaska, he decided to modify his hunting strategy from a focus on animal targets to humans targets. Thus, he began tracking, hunting, and killing people for sport. Hansen continued this perverse game for close to a decade before he was caught by a joint police and FBI investigation that made the first real use of criminal profiling that’s still used to this day. 

Robert Hansen felt no empathy or remorse for his victims. He released them into the Alaskan wilderness, tracked them down on foot, murdered them, and then left them in remote shallow graves. As you shall see from reading about his crimes, he had no regard for human life other than his own. 

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