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The Most Disturbing Moments In Teen Dramas

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If you want to follow some ridiculous plotlines, look no further than teen dramas. At any moment, a seemingly normal plot can twist into a bear attack, supernatural visitation, or even trephination (you'll read about that later). It's a strange phenomenon that shows about underage characters have the most unapologetically twisted scenes, many of which we've listed below.

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    Tyler Gets Assaulted With A Mop Handle In '13 Reasons Why'

    Photo: Netflix

    In Season 2, Episode 13, Tyler gets cornered in the school bathroom by three bullies, who beat him, stick his head in a toilet, and assault him with a mop handle. 

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    The Grief Caused By The Non-Supernatural Death Of Joyce In 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'

    When Buffy and Dawn's mother Joyce dies suddenly from a brain aneurysm, the resulting grief is felt by everyone inside and outside the show. The crew achieved the latter by altering the sound and look of the episode, making viewers literally feel what the characters were feeling. 

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    Betty Gets Drugged By Edgar, Who Attempts To Cut Out Her Organs In 'Riverdale' 

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    In Season 3, Episode 21, Betty investigates the goings-on at "The Farm," a mysterious rural commune. She discovers that it is a front for illegal organ harvesting, led by the proprietor Edgar. Betty tries to escape but gets captured by Edgar's goons, who tie her to an operating table and prepare her for non-consensual surgery. The silver lining is that she is given anesthesia - not to mention that the Farm is broken up before they can take her organs. 

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    Freddie Gets Beaten To Death By Effy's Therapist In 'Skins'

    Video: YouTube

    In Season 4, Episode 7, Freddie confronts Effy's psychiatrist, whom he learns has fallen in love with Effy and is separating her from the people she loves. The doctor admits to Freddie that he had gotten too personal with her. As Freddie tries to leave his office, he finds the door locked. The doctor then performs the ultimate separation ritual by beating Freddie to death with a baseball bat.

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