Can We All Agree That 'Full House' Was Really Freakin' Messed Up?

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Vote up the best reasons for why Full House is actually creepy.

While your memories of Full House may be quite rosy, if you go back and watch the show again, you may be surprised to find yourself quite disturbed. That’s not to say that there weren’t some great Full House episodes, but it was easily one of the most disturbing sitcoms that ever aired. Sure, it was one of the best family shows in the '80s and '90s, but a closer look will reveal some creepy things you never noticed. 

Full House first aired in September 1987 and ran for eight seasons. It is an American sitcom essentially centered around three men trying to raise three girls. So, what exactly are the creepy elements of Full House? What did you miss when you watched it in your innocent youth? Check out the reasons why Full House is inappropriate as a family show below and vote up the strongest arguments.  

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    The Guest Appearances Were Disturbing

    Hurray! Jesse’s elderly grandfather, Papouli, is visiting! Oh, he died in his sleep… Full House was notorious for having disturbing guest appearances, like when Mickey Rooney played an eccentric old man who kidnaps Michelle and Jesse to spend Christmas with him in his store because he doesn’t want to be alone in “Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” Like, WTF? 

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    They Laughed At Mental Health Problems

    Not only did people laugh at Danny's OCD, but they laughed at mental health issues in general. In “Grand Gift Auto,” Uncle Joey buys DJ a 1977 Firebird for her 16th birthday! Except it was stolen… So, of course the police get involved, but the family convinces the cop that Joey is a high-functioning mentally handicapped person. Um, does anyone else see how wrong this is? Not only is this illegal, but it's totally disrespective of actual mentally handicapped people. 

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    Danny Dated A Girl A Few Years Older Than His Daughter

    Everyone knows that Bob Saget was a total perv, but Danny Tanner was a saint. That’s what made it so funny! But in the episode "The Graduates,” Danny stooped to Saget-levels of sadness. He starts dating a college student who was only 21. His eldest daughter, DJ, is almost in high school, which means Danny's girlfriend is only a few years older than his daughter. That’s objectively creepy. 

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    That Endless Dream Sequence

    That Endless Dream Sequence
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    In the episode “The Seven-Month Itch: Part 1,” Jesse gets fed up with living in the hellish pit of despair and misery that is Full House, and decides to move out on his own. What drives the King to his breaking point? A top contender for the most cringe-worthy women: the three-minute long dream sequence where people keep interrupting him from boning. Yes, that really happened.