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Can We All Agree That 'Full House' Was Really Freakin' Messed Up?

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While your memories of Full House may be quite rosy, if you go back and watch the show again, you may be surprised to find yourself quite disturbed. That’s not to say that there weren’t some great Full House episodes, but it was easily one of the most disturbing sitcoms that ever aired. Sure, it was one of the best family shows in the '80s and '90s, but a closer look will reveal some creepy things you never noticed. 

Full House first aired in September 1987 and ran for eight seasons. It is an American sitcom essentially centered around three men trying to raise three girls. So, what exactly are the creepy elements of Full House? What did you miss when you watched it in your innocent youth? Check out the reasons why Full House is inappropriate as a family show below and vote up the strongest arguments.  

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    Danny Was Absolutely Neurotic And Someone Should Have Gotten Him Help

    Poor Danny. He was always the butt of everyone’s jokes. They would tease him and torment him about dust on the shelves, crumbs on the counter, and the dreaded tub-ring. Danny Tanner had a problem. He was absolutely neurotic about cleaning and it affected the lives of everyone he loved. He displays the signs and symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), where he has to clean things or he feels very anxious. It's a real illness and can come in varying degrees, yet Danny's family openly mock him for his irresistible impulse to clean. A supportive family would try to get the man some help. 

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    The Tanners Were The Most Self-Absorbed Human Beings On The Planet

    As a family, the Tanners might be the most self-absorbed group of people on earth. They act like the universe revolves around their quirky little family unit and expect the world to bend to their every whim. In “Stephanie Plays the Field,” DJ interrupts a game of baseball to chat up her sister about boys while everyone in the bleachers angrily waits for them to finish.

    In “Our Very First Christmas Show,” the Tanners get trapped in an airport on December 25th. Instead of keeping their giant, loud, obnoxious family out of the way, Jesse gets in in front of everyone and demands their attention for a long-winded speech. Then he starts performing Christmas carols and forces them to sing along. 

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    Jesse Was A Total Narcissist

    Uncle Jesse was completely obsessed with himself (can you really blame him, though?). Aunt Becky has mentioned that he takes longer to get ready than she does on several occasions. He wears his hair like a crown. In “Dr. Dare Rides Again,” he pretends he’s Evel Knievel and rides his motorcycle around the roof to get some attention. Oh, and let's not forget all the times he brought his band to practice in the communal living room.

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    That Forever Music Video

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    Music videos were all the rage back in the '90. During that time, Jesse and the Rippers were pretty popular, so it kind of made sense that Full House would give Uncle Jesse the music video treatment. The only problem was that it was super creepy. In “Captain Video: Part 2,” Jesse does a weird, semi-nude video to accompany his cover of Beach Boys’s “Forever.”

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