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The Most Violent And Disturbing Venom Moments In Marvel Comics

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Venom has long been one of Spider-Man's greatest villains, but over time, the character has evolved into a beloved anti-hero within the Marvel Universe. This depiction is a far cry from the violent Venom comics of the 1990s, which featured a character bereft of mercy and brimming with rage. This list doesn't highlight the heroic things Venom has accomplished in recent years, but rather his worst actions - and he's got some doozies in his backstory.

If you're only familiar with the character, you might think of him as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy or, at the very least, a hero matched up with Flash Thompson, Spider-Man's biggest fan.

Regardless of what Venom is up to in the comics these days, his history encompasses bloodshed, creepy sexual assaults, and many other storylines you wouldn't want to show your mother or kids. Looking back through more than 30 years of comics, these are some of the worst things Venom has done.