Weird Nature Watch This Diver Lay On The Sea Floor While Sharks Swim Above Him In Incredible Video  

Mick Jacobs

Most people dread the idea of coming across a shark in the open ocean, much less multiple agile underwater predators. Not the diver in this video in this video, who couldn't look more relaxed on the ocean floor as dozens of sharks swim around him.

Reclined against the sand, the diver looks quite at home, the stillest part of the entire video, the focal point among a school of sharks casually circling the foreign visitor from above.

The sharks and diver both show up clear and sharp against the deep aquamarine backdrop. The longer you look at it, the more you realize that this would make a great screensaver.

Would you brave waters like these to get a shot like that? Watch the video to see if you think the Instagram might be worth the risk.