28 Famous Divorcées Who Kept Their Ex-Husbands' Names

After a divorce, many women keep their ex-husband's name, especially if they are a known celebrity whose name is part of their public identity. Several famous actresses, musicians, and authors still use their ex-husband's last names even though they have been divorced for many years. Some of these famous ladies have even remarried, but they still keep the last name of their previous husbands. Often times, they have become more famous than the ex-husband whose name they use.

Who is the most famous woman who still uses her married name? Susan Sarandon tops this list. Susan Sarandon, born Susan Abigail Tomalin, was married to Chris Sarandon from 1967-1979 and has kept his last name. Demi Moore, born Demi Guynes, was married to musician Freddy Moore from 1980-1985. She kept his last name after they divorced, despite being remarried twice after their divorce.

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