29 Photos Of Home Crafting Projects That Verge On The Surreal

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Just because you can work on a home project doesn't mean that you should. Here are some people with visions that were bigger than their abilities or that just had really strange visions. As seen on r/DiWhy these home crafters take doing it yourself to decidedly strange places. 

  • 1. Itchy But Cute

    Itchy But Cute
    Photo: u/mabbo_nagamatsu / Reddit
  • 2. Yes But Why?

    Yes But Why?
    Photo: u/JAHkoda / Reddit
  • 3. Howdy Pardner

    Howdy Pardner
    Photo: u/POOPdiver / Reddit
  • 4. Why Wait?

    Why Wait?
    Photo: u/LegoJack / Reddit
  • 5. Baby's First Wine Rack

    Baby's First Wine Rack
    Photo: u/OndriaWayne / Reddit
  • 6. Clang Clang Clang Goes Whatever This Is

    Clang Clang Clang Goes Whatever This Is
    Photo: u/Syllogism19 / Reddit