The Coolest Dixie D'Amelio Nail Looks

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Vote up the most intriguing nail designs worn by Dixie D'Amelio.

TikTok's Dixie D'Amelio is known for her videos, style, and of course, her amazing nails. Dixie D'Amelio nail looks range from cut short and painted a classic black, to long, sharp, and glittery. Which are the coolest Dixie D'Amelio nail designs? 

Many will remember her standout nails from the "Psycho" music video. Dixie D'Amelio sports a number of different nail designs, including chrome, black, and polka-dotted. Are your favorite Dixie D'Amelio nails from that music video?

Scroll on below to see all of the choices for best Dixie D'Amelio nails. Then, be sure to vote up all of the styles you like best!