15 People Tell Stories Of Their Biggest Home DIY Failures So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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DIY lovers: vote up the worst mistakes you'd rather pay a professional to avoid.

If you're pretty handy, you may be tempted to DIY some home renovations or decor. Hiring professionals can get expensive, and you run the risk of getting scammed. But these stories of home improvement fails might make you think twice about breaking out your tool belt. Check out these DIY fails and vote up the worst mistakes you don't want to repeat.

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    A Freshly Drywalled Basement Led To A Totally Frozen House 

    From Redditor u/PropWashPA28:

    I drywalled the basement and left for a cruise. All the sanding dust clogged the furnace air filter. The furnace shut itself off. The pipes froze and burst when we heated the house back up 2 weeks later. Even the toilet tanks were frozen. And the olive oil.

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    They Changed Their Shower Cartridge And Flooded The Bathroom

    From Redditor u/ohyanno:

    Not an expensive issue thank god but I decided to change my shower cartridge at 11:30 pm and completely forgot to turn the water off and flooded my bathroom. After I got the water shut off and cleaned up I discovered I bought the wrong cartridge. Learned never to mess with plumbing outside of normal business hours for plumbers.

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    They Cut Their Internet Line Right Before Thanksgiving

    From Redditor u/brittewater:

    I accidentally cut my internet line when I was removing old, dead wire in our basement. It was the night before Thanksgiving which meant I went several days with no internet as I didn't want to pay the holiday fee.

    From the way my kids acted, you would have through I cut off their legs.

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    A New Drain Line Ended Up Costing Three Times More Than Expected

    From Redditor u/jonincalgary:

    My worst one thus far was when I wanted to put in a new drain line to a laundry sink in the basement.

    I knew I would be breaking concrete, so that wasn't a big deal, but I ended up having to replace every inch of the old cast iron in my house because there was nowhere to tie in to. It ended up costing me about 3 times more than I expected, I had to remove about a ton of concrete out of the basement, and it took 3 weeks of weekends and evenings. Had to have a plumber put in the 4 inch ABS as I kept f*cking it up...

    In the end, I have the exact same sink in the exact same place, except its drain is two inches closer to the center of the earth. But it looks nice.

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    A Difference In 4 Inches Cost A DIYer Weeks Of Work

    From Redditor u/John_SpaGotti:

    As I was installing the floating countertop on the brackets that are recessed into the wall, I realized the countertop will be about 4" too high, and I just can't live with it. Now, I have to surgically remove a 7' section of wall in my nearly completed bathroom to re-mount the brackets 4" lower, then refinish/repaint all that drywall. I also have to relocate the sink drain rough-ins to accommodate the new countertop height.

    Working evenings and weekends with family commitments set me back a couple of weeks, and I'm really kicking myself over this.

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    They Broke Most Of Their Windows While Cleaning Them

    From Redditor u/bubonis:

    I used a too-powerful power washer to clean the outside of my windows. This ruptured the seals on almost all of the windows and required replacement windows throughout the house (roughly $6500).

    In fairness, the windows were about 20 years old and my Wife and I had planned on replacing them in the next five years anyway. This just upped the timeframe.