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The Best 'Django Unchained' Movie Quotes

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"Django Unchained" has some great lines, but what's the best quote from the movie? This film follow the story of one slave enlisted by a bounty hunter for quite an adventure. The western film, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, received numerous honors before it was even released on December 25, 2012. Among the accolades included Oscar nominations for five Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Screenplay. It also won Best Screenplay at the Golden Globe Awards.

In "Django Unchained," Christoph Waltz portrays Dr. King Schultz, a German bounty hunter who operates under the guise of a dentist. Dr. Schultz wants to apprehend the Brittle Brothers but he's never seen them to know what they look like. To make his task easier, Schultz seeks out someone who is familiar with the notorious brothers and makes him a deal he cannot refuse.

That person just happens to be a slave named Django (Jamie Foxx). Django's wife was taken by the Candie Brothers some time ago so when Dr. Schultz offers freedom plus the return of his wife, Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), Django does not say no. Together, they journey across America to hunt down the Brittle Brothers and Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio), Broomhilda's owner. Samuel L. Jackson co-stars in the film.

Vote for the best "Django Unchained" quotes below, and for your viewing pleasure, we've also included clips from the movie to bring the lines to life (whenever possible).

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    Treat Him Like the White Folks?

    Big Daddy: "Django isn't a slave. Django is a free man. You understand? You can't treat him like any of these other n****s around here, cause he ain't like any of these other n****s around here. Ya got it?"
    Betina: "You wan' I should treat him like white folks?"
    Big Daddy: "No. That's not what I said."
    Betina: "Then I don't know what'cha want, Big Daddy."
    Big Daddy: "Yes? I can see that."

    As most Black men around those times were slaves, Big Daddy has quite the conundrum when trying to explain to Betina that Django was free but not free like the rest of the white men. Betina is equally confused.

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    What's Not to Like?

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    Dr. King Schultz: "How do you like the bounty hunting business?"
    Django: "Kill white folks and they pay you for it, what's not to like?"

    Going from being a slave to a while man to getting money for killing while folks is quite the role reversal for Django, not that he is complaining.
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    I'm Curious

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    Calvin Candie: "What's your name, boy?"
    Dr. King Schultz: "His name is Django Freedom."
    Calvin Candie: "Hmph, where'd you dig him up?" 
    Dr. King Schultz: "A fortunate turn of events brought Django and myself together."
    Calvin Candie: "I've heard tell about you. I heard you been telling everybody that Mandingos ain't damn good ain't nothing that nobody is selling is worth buying. I'm curious, what makes you such a Mandingo expert?"
    Django: "I'm curious what makes you so curious."
    Butch Pooch: "What did you say, boy?"
    Calvin Candie: "Calm down, Butch. No offense given, none taken."
    Dr. King Schultz: "Monsier Candie, I'd appreciate if you'd direct your line of inquires at me.
    Calvin Candie: "One… You do not have anything to drink. Can I get you a tasty refreshment?"
    Dr. King Schultz: "Yes! I'll have a beer."
    Calvin Candie: "Wonderful. Roscoe, a beer for the man with the beard and I will have a Polynesian Pearl Diver. Do not spare the rum."

    Calvin Candie has a bone to pick with Django and wastes little time in airing his concerns. Luckily, Dr. Schultz is there to diffuse the situation before it gets out of hand.
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    Mr. Stonesipher: "What's your name?"
    Django: "Django, D-J-A-N-G-O, the D is silent"

    Just in case there was any confusion, Django spells out his name and explains that the D is silent, as he speaks with Mr. Stonesipher.
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