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DMV Horror Stories That Made Us Want To Take The Bus Instead

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No one likes going to the DMV. The lines are long, the progress is slow, and the stacks of paperwork are tall. But it's all worth it in the end for that sweet license, personalized plate, or newly registered vehicle, right? Eh, maybe not so much, and these people can tell you why. Vote up the worst stories from the depths of the DMV, and at least take comfort in the fact that you're not alone in your vehicular bureaucracy frustrations!

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    Come Back Soon!

    Posted by u/Ineedsomethingtodo:

    I went to get my license. They said, "Oh, it's a thirty minute wait..." Five hours later, the DMV closed, and I had to completely reschedule my drivers test (two month wait).

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    The Wait Is Over

    Posted by u/Mixtapeshuffle:

    My roommate had been at DMV for like four solid hours renewing his motorcycle license or something. He was coming up really soon, had like two or three numbers ahead of him.

    Then the next number gets called and it's a SUPER old lady who had clearly no business driving at all. She is walking up to the window where you get the vision test done, and suddenly she falls down right there and dies.

    People apparently just kind of stepped over her and still waited around for their numbers to be called. Nobody was going home under any circumstance after waiting for that long.

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    The Workers Have It Rough, Too

    Posted by u/Wolfey1618:

    A friend [worked] in the DMV for 30 years so...

    One time, he was testing this Indian lady who was in her 40s. She was doing not so great, so he decided she wasn't going to pass and asked her to take the next right so they could turn around in a parking lot.

    The next right was after a large and busy rail yard with several train track crossings. The woman reached the first crossing, stopped, looked both ways, then proceeded to turn right onto the railroad tracks. He immediately slammed the emergency brake and yelled at her to get out. He jumped into the drivers seat and reversed as quick as he could as a train began approaching and [he] got them off the tracks.

    They got back to the DMV, and the lady asked him with a bright smile, "Did I pass?"


    Another screwed up one was the one that caused him to retire.

    He was doing a driver's test for a teenage girl, and they went through a narrow road work section... The girl couldn't keep the car steady and was driving way too fast and lost control, taking the car off the road into the construction area, where they crashed into a backhoe tractor. The shovel went through the windshield and cracked his skull open.

    He ended up with severe memory problems and some brain damage and had to retire. He's since recovered very well. This was over 20 years ago, and he's fine now, but has some memory problems still. Very cool and nice dude.

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    Fall In Line

    Posted by u/djfishfingers:

    I was with my dad at a DMV on a Saturday. Line went all the way out the door, down the sidewalk, all the way down the whole strip mall. Two or three hours later, find out that it was a line for licenses and driving tests and such. We just needed to get a title transfer or something like that, and there was no line for that. We could have just gone in hours before that point and been done with it all.

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