The Worst Images for Bathmophobics (Fear of Stairs or Slopes)

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Bathmophobia (not to be confused with bathophobia) is the fear of stairs or slopes. It's similar to bathophobia in that it causes a sense of overwhelming nothingness in people who feel it, but this one is particular to stairs and slopes. The Exorcist used this phobia really well, in that it made the stairs the center of danger. The mother would climb up the stairs slowly before approaching the room where her daughter was possessed by a demon; the demon crawls backwards down the stairs; and at the end the priest is thrown down a stone stairway outside of the dark, ominous home. 

Most people who live with this fear cannot climb or descend stairs if they seem too steep or long without being extremely afraid and unhappy, feeling unable to complete the task. Just looking at these pictures should make you feel this fear if you have it. If you do, then at least a few of these pictures should make you feel uncomfortable.

These are the worst possible pictures for bathmophobics (fear of stairs or slopes).