True crime 14 Real-Life Crimes You Should Never, Ever Google Image Search  

Chuck Stern
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It's a no-brainer that searching for gore on Google can only lead to gross things. Blood and guts, gruesome photos, and portraits of suffering will only remind you of the true and horrifying nightmares out in the world. 

And when it comes to crime scene photos, that's especially true. There are just some things you can't unsee. These things stick with you, cause you to doubt your fellow man and your own happiness. How can you be happy knowing what others have faced? From the BTK Killer trapping and humiliating his victims before their death to Jeffrey Dahmer keeping his victims organs and bones as trophies, these killers were visual in nature and made a mess of their prey. Some left refrigerated gifts behind, others carved their victims into punctured objects. These crimes were intended to be seen and to be appreciated in all their heinous physicality - which is exactly why the photographs will haunt you long after you've turned away. 

Don't say we didn't warn you. 

Jeffrey Dahmer is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 14 Real-Life Crimes You Should Never, Ever Google Image Search
Photo: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department

Google image search "Jeffrey Dahmer gore," and you will be inundated with pictures of heads in refrigerators, torn open torsos sprawled out, bodies arched backwards on beds, and other horrific intake. Dahmer was a disturbed man who took his time with his victims, often keeping them alive in the process of dissecting them and always documenting them in perverse ways. But it was the crime scene photographers that really went to town showing his sick and demented crimes. Shield yourself!

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Charles Manson is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 14 Real-Life Crimes You Should Never, Ever Google Image Search
Photo: YouTube

A cursory glance at "Tate Labianca killings" on Google image search will yield nothing but nightmare fodder: images like a bloodied, strangled, nude, and pregnant Sharon Tate, wife of director Roman Polanski; a close-up of Leno LaBianca's belly with the word "WAR" carved into it; or other guests sliced up beyond recognition. Whether in black and white or color, these photographs stand the test of time as testaments to a particularly nasty crime scene. Not recommended!

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Jack the Ripper is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 14 Real-Life Crimes You Should Never, Ever Google Image Search
Photo: holl7510/flickr/CC-BY 2.0

Searching for "Jack the Ripper victims" online may result in a new and far worse worldview. Warning: there are mangled, eviscerated corpses, faces of horror (even after death), faces that aren't even faces anymore, and a whole bunch more. All black and white, of course, these images help to illustrate the menace he or she posed. "Jack" was known for mutilating women - specifically slitting their throats, skinning them to the bone, and tearing out their wombs, uteruses and kidneys. 

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The St. Valentine's Day Massac... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 14 Real-Life Crimes You Should Never, Ever Google Image Search
Photo: the queen of subtle/flickr/CC-BY-NC 2.0

Typing in "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" in Google image search won't leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. It's hard to think humans can treat each other with such callousness, but then again, this massacre was led by the king of callous - Mr. Al Capone. Capone ordered four of his henchmen to dress as uniformed policemen and to shoot down seven of his rivals with submachine guns. The plan worked and the carnage was captured meticulously on camera. These images of piled up stiffs, leaking heads, and men without hats will chill you to your core.

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