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Do Online 'Red Rooms' Really Exist?

Updated August 10, 2021 159.3k views8 items
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Red rooms are said to be some of the most horrific places on the deep web. In a red room, you can reportedly view a livestream of someone being tormented and murdered, and some have even claimed that viewers can participate in these livestreams by exchanging cryptocurrencies for specific acts of violence. These two elements distinguish a "true" red room from snuff films that are sometimes uploaded to the deep web.

Despite all the gossip surrounding them, one crucial question remains: Are red rooms real or are they merely an urban legend? In this list, we'll explore the history of red rooms and whether or not they actually exist.

  • People Have Been Arrested For Streaming Their Crimes Online

    Some disturbing reports claim that some dark web users livestream murders; however, these livestreams aren't technically considered red rooms but rather spaces where criminals willingly make their crimes public. That said, this does indicate that red room technology could exist.

    One example of such a crime involved two men in Slovenia who fatally beat a third man while streaming on Facebook Live. The perpetrators were promptly arrested for their crime. Unfortunately, this incident of violence committed over Facebook Live is hardly isolated. Even so, these criminal acts are distinctly different from the alleged business model of red rooms.

  • There Are Also 'Animal Crush' Sites Similar To Red Rooms

    The FBI reportedly shut down a site called Cruel Onion that bore striking similarities to hypothetical red rooms. This and similar sites focus on cruelty to small animals, and viewers can allegedly make requests for specific acts via cryptocurrency.

    In 2016, Brent Justice was convicted for making such videos and was sentenced to 50 years in prison. His accomplice, Ashley Nicole Richards, pled guilty and received a reduced sentence. They were the first to be convicted of this type of crime under the US Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010. The two reportedly had a rather active client base and would often take requests.

  • The Site Called 'The Human Experiment' Is Allegedly A Red Room

    The website The Human Experiment is said to be a legitimate red room where criminals allegedly perform horrible medical experiments on animals and people in exchange for cryptocurrency. On the other hand, many skeptics believe it's just a way to scare people away from the deep web.

    Regardless of which side makes a more compelling argument, these claims are all largely conjecture.

  • Peter Gerard Scully Was Convicted For Uploading Violent Films To The Dark Web

    Those who believe in the existence of red rooms often point to the case of Peter Gerard Scully. Scully is currently serving a life sentence in the Philippines after being accused of a number of crimes including sexual assault, graphic content involving children, human trafficking, and murder.

    Among Scully's crimes was the production and distribution of a film titled Daisy's Destruction (also referred to as The Destruction of Daisy). The crimes committed in the video are said to be so horrific that the Philippines considered reinstating the death penalty specifically for Scully's case. This is just one of many videos that Scully reportedly uploaded to the dark web.

    Although viewers had to pay to see Scully's videos, and though their content potentially fits red room criteria, it's unclear if any of the footage was livestreamed, a key distinction between snuff films and red rooms.