15 Doctors Reveal Home Remedy Horror Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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If you're consulting the internet for medical advice, it's best to follow up with an actual medical professional. These people learned the hard way that there are some home remedies you shouldn't try. Vote up the home remedy horror stories you wouldn't attempt! 

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    A Woman Treated An Infected Cat Bite With Honey

    From Redditor u/Aenhimal:

    A woman walks in the ER with a small bite on her hand; said her cat bit her whilst she was putting her feeding bowl in front of her. We told her that we need to excise it and clean it because an animal bite can easily get infected. Woman goes berserk, starts shouting at us that she has 20 cats at home, that she knows them well (ok…?) and that she’ll just treat it with honey because what do we know about animals and animal bites. Long story short she’s being brought back in the ER almost a week later in a septic shock and hand necrosis.

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    Someone Tried Whitening Their Teeth With Bleach And Baking Soda

    From Redditor u/hctive:

    Tooth whitening with bleach/baking soda mix. Repeatedly. The teeth were white. And chalky. And you could crumble them with fingers.

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    A Mom Tried Healing Her Daughter's Cavity With Natural Oils

    From Redditor u/afrothunder1987:

    Found a cavity in a little girls’ tooth and rather than have it filled, mom tried to heal her kid's cavity by swishing oils around in her mouth.

    The kid came back for her 6 monthly checkups and mom expected me to see the cavity was healed because it had stopped hurting. She told the hygienist not to tell me because she wanted me to be surprised when I saw it.

    The cavity had grown so large the tooth needed to be pulled… massive giant hole in it with tons of decay. You don’t have to be a dentist to understand you were looking at a massive cavity.

    It had stopped hurting because the nerve had eventually died and was causing an asymptomatic infection.

    Poor kid.

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    A Woman Wrapped Rubber Bands Around Her Burned Thumb

    From Redditor u/VaBookworm:

    Used to work in urgent care… A woman burned her thumb while cooking and to treat it she wrapped numerous rubber bands around her thumb and left them in place for a week under some gauze wrapping (effectively putting a tourniquet on her thumb). By the time she came into my urgent care, complaining of pain spreading to her hand, her thumb was practically black and falling off when we removed the bandage.

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    A Man Tried To Induce Vomiting And Ended Up Swallowing A Fork

    From Redditor u/olddoc1:

    Anesthesiologist here:

    A guy said he ate something and didn't feel good so he tried to induce vomiting. He tried by sticking a fork in his mouth but lost control of it and he swallowed it with the prongs pointing up. The OR team was called in to try to pull a foreign body out of his esophagus. I saw the X-Ray and was dubious since the fork was very far down, close to the stomach and the prngs were pointed up. Frequently a GI doctor can go in with a scope and pull a foreign body up, out of the mouth but this seemed to be a bad situation since the prongs would catch on the tissue. Well we anesthetized him and the GI doc tried and failed. He ended up pushing the fork all the way into the stomach and he called a general surgeon who made an incision on the abdomen and removed the fork.

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    A Woman Dumped Rubbing Alcohol On Herself To Treat A Fever 

    From Redditor u/Nikcara:

    Former EMT and not a doctor, but one time had a patient who decided to cool her fever by dousing herself in rubbing alcohol. She then decided she needed a cigarette. We got to take her to the hospital for burns after her clothes caught on fire.

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